Submission Guidelines for Artists

Currently not accepting. Please check back later.
    If you are an artist working with visual art, photography, prints, sculpture and installation, video, performance and street art, we might be able to profile you.
    • Please mention, ‘Submission for Artist Profile’ in the subject of the mail
    • Send us a brief, approximately 250 word original write up (no more). Text must NOT be published on any site anywhere on the Internet.
    • Your Bio with your educational qualifications- especially arts degree
    • Self taught artists who have had at least 2 solo exhibitions at leading art galleries may also apply
    • 3-4 images, only JPG, GIF, PNG (specify title, size, medium & year) and a link to your website.
    • Please confirm in the email that the text is unpublished.

    By sending us the text and images, you give us permission to edit and publish the material on Art Scene India and to include it in our promotions on social media networks.

    What we do not accept
    Please do not send : zip, ppt or pdf files, multiple images, too many attachments and web links.
    Any violent, obscene or sensitive topic is not featured
    Mail to: artsceneinfo(at)
    Currently, artist profiles are featured free of charge.

    We genuinely appreciate 
    Please feel free to share this page with others

    Submission Guidelines for Writers

      Thank you for your interest in writing for Art Scene India    
      In order to maintain consistency, we have listed a few guidelines below:
      • We are looking for artist interviews of artists, curators and experts in the field of fine arts.
      • Please send us a query before submitting the interview.
      • Please mention, ‘Query for Submission of Article’ in the subject of the mail
      • Word length: Approximately 600 words (MS Word, Times New Roman, 12 pt font, single spaced) and 2 to 3 images (JPG).
      We'll be happy to link to your blog/website.

      Currently, we are unable to pay for the articles, but we hope we can change that soon.
      Mail to:  artsceneinfo(at)

      Please feel free to share this page with others 

      This page is likely to be updated frequently based on suggestions and feedback, so it might be a good idea to cross check the information, right before sending us a mail.

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