27 Nov 2006

Review - Shankar Kendale

Image courtesy Kynkyny
Art director to painter. Shankar Kendale gave up a successful career in the advertising world to become a full time artist. The transition happened about ten years ago, when he took a year-long break to explore his painterly skills. His works are mostly figurative, although he has done a few abstracts in the past. The current series features portraits of men and women amidst rural settings. Kendale places his subjects against rustic settings, adds pots and other rural bits and pieces to create a pretty picture. He is technically sound and has a good sense of light and shade. The backgrounds in general are fairly abstracted apart from a door or a step against which he props his subject. Traces of his design background are evident in all his works – in the composition and choice of colors. Overall, pleasant works and reasonably priced.

Prices range between Rs 25,000 and Rs 70,000.

The exhibition is on till Nov 30 at KYNKYNY.

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