27 Feb 2008

An interesting collection of art from teachers

The faculty of visual arts from Rabindra Bharathi University, Kolkata have come together to present their own works in an exhibition titled ‘Changing Images’. Nikhil Ranjan Pal, the convenor of this show has worked with Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath in the past and is now associated with Rabindra Bharathi University. According to him, “Our ‘teachers’ group show is an outcome of those creative reactions where anybody can easily witness a very distinct individual response, style in their separate individual creative manner.” All the works have been done on paper and form an affordable series.
The show sponsored by the University offers the teachers an opportunity to explore their own creativity and put up their works before the public.

Nikhil’s portraits done with colour pencils in a subdued palette have an understated elegance, while Surajit Chanda’s urbanscapes pay tribute to the monuments and historical sites he has visited in the past. Parag Roy from the department of printmaking, has a set of 6 paper constructions that juxtapose images from different cities in a sartorial style that is humorous yet nostalgic. The other ‘painting’ titled ‘Wizard of Baghdad’ that combines the Harry Potter mania with the war-ravaged Iraq is a striking piece of work. Sandip Chakraborty’s sculptures are minimalist in design and Atanu Basu’s abstracts immediately attract with their spontaneity and the bold colourful strokes. Dolanchampa Ganguly’s collages are quite fascinating. The other members of the faculty also offer an interesting mix of styles and some experimentation. In all a show worth visiting for its variety and the delightful range it offers.

(The exhibition is on till February 23 at Time and Space Art Gallery, 55, Lavelle Road, Bangalore 1. Phone: 22124117)

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