19 May 2008

India Art Summit 2008: Art meet brings fraternity together

India 's first art summit is happening in New Delhi later this year. Formulated along the lines of international art fairs, the summit plans to bring together various players associated with the Indian art scenario on a common platform. According to a press release, this initiative will bring together a range of stakeholders supporting the business and development of art in India - artists, galleries, art funds, auction houses, art insurers, art framers, art valuators and restorers, art movers and packers, interior decorators and architects, reputed commentators and art critics from across the world. The event supported by veteran artists Anjolie Ela Menon and S H Raza, among others, promises to be an interesting and useful experience. Apart from providing various galleries the opportunity to showcase their artists, a one-day forum will also be organised that will have experts talk on issues that are relevant to the development and the business of art.

Anjolie Ela Menon who was in Bangalore recently for a short visit feels that an event such as this provides a great opportunity for all those involved with the art scene to come together and interact. Also, the summit will be open to public, and people from across all fields will have access to it. She explains that there will be discussions on issues such as taxation, legal aspects of fakes, rights for reproductions , copyrights and other relevant subjects. Hopefully, the dialogue between various agencies will also help in the regularisation of the art market. There is a need for a collaborative effort of this kind and the India art summit certainly promises a lot for all those connected with art. Finally, how can one resist asking Anjolie Ela Menon about the trend of investing in art? She feels it is a positive trend and now there is a lot of interest in avantgarde art. And, this is a good time to hang on to one's art and not be in a hurry to sell.

(Published in Financial Times)


Unknown said...

Yes, it's going to happen on coming August, i expect to see you there Nalini.
Ashok Nayak

Nalini Malaviya said...

Hi Ashok,

I've not decided to attend it. Let's see...