3 Dec 2008

Random notes

(Nalini S Malaviya)

Miami Art Fair
The International Asian Contemporary art fair ‘Art Asia’ will be held at Miami later this week and Bangalore based artist Ravikumar Kashi will be showing his recent works there. Ravi is known for his experimentation with various mediums and in this fair he presents his photographs from a series called Snanidhi Series. In the past, Ravi has worked with new media and assemblages that have dealt with issues of urbanization and consumerism. In fact, his paintings used images from media to depict global issues that are equally relevant from a local context. Ravi has a Masters degree in printmaking from MS University, Baroda, and in English from Mysore University.

(Art Asia will be held from December 4 – 7, 2008 at Miami)

A ‘Modern’ show
Last week I attended the preview of an exhibition by Modern artists - FN Souza, SH Raza, Akbar Padamsee and Ram Kumar. There is a single Bindu work and a few other abstracts by Raza, nudes by Souza, and two works by Ram Kumar. The one in muted shades is a beautiful piece of art, and its photograph just does not do justice to the original. Raza, who now lives in Paris, is famous for his paintings that centre round a circle or Bindu as a creative energy force that permeates the entire universe, while Souza’s paintings are intense and known for their strong bold lines. All the four artists are well known names in the Indian art world and have also received widespread global recognition.

(The exhibition continues till 16th December at Gallery Mementos, The Chancery, Lavelle Road, Bangalore.)

India Art Summit 2009
The first art summit was held earlier this year in Delhi and had elicited mixed response from art connoisseurs. However, most visitors had agreed that it offered an excellent platform for networking and it was high time that India had its own art fair that could be at par with international levels.
The dates for the next art summit have been announced and it will be held from 19th - 22nd of August 2009 at New Delhi. This year too will see Seminars and Talks with speakers including curators, critics, artists, collectors and representatives from museums and galleries. Plans are on to create a sculpture park in order to offer participants and visitors an art fair like ambience. Art films, education series and social events will also be held for visitors. One hopes the summit is able to garner support from all quarters given the current economic crisis affecting all markets.

(Published in Bangalore Mirror)

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