5 Mar 2009

Bangalore Buzz: Book Release

You may wonder, why this information on book release on an art blog? Well, two of my short stories (fiction) are part of the books and although this is not the same as having an entire book to yourself, it's something! If you're in the neighbourhood, do drop by.
Dramatized Readings and Dramatic Announcements

Reliance Timeout and Unisun Publications

invite you to the launch of

1. The Curse of the Bird and other paranormal stories

2. The Shrinking Woman and other stories

Two superb collections of over 30 short stories each from the house of Unisun
The volumes bring together several prize winning writers and their irresistible stories. They contain over 60 stories and 45 authors drawn from all over India and outside it. Their backgrounds are as varied as the stories they have written.
and the announcement of the prizewinners of
The Unisun Reliance Timeout Book Club Awards 2008-09
on March 7th 3 pm -5 pm at the Reliance Timeout Outlet, Cunningham Road, Bangalore
(Parking available in the basement)


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Romi said...

wow! congratulations! look forward to reading the stories...Romi

Nalini Malaviya said...

Thanks, Romi.