18 Aug 2009

India Art Summit – an opportunity for networking

(By Nalini S Malaviya)

The second edition of the India Art Summit kicking off two days from now, promises to be a meeting ground for members of the art fraternity. A mix of curated projects, gallery stalls, educational programmes, art films and speaker forums, the summit offers its visitors plenty of opportunity to get initiated into art and into interact with artists and connoisseurs. Art collectors, investors, critics and other members of the art community from across the country are looking forward to the art extravaganza. However, how much of this enthusiasm is affected by the H1N1 flu and the resultant travel advisories remains to be seen.

According to Neha Kirpal from the India Art Summit, "It's the one time of the year that every member of the Indian art community convenes, participates, and benefits from coming together. The exchange and dialogue happens on many levels - while discussing trade in the art fair, debating issues in the speakers' forum, informal chats over coffee, or wine, or an evening out at one of the fifteen collateral events"

This year 54 galleries, including 17 from around the world – from UK, China, Philippines, Germany, UAE and USA are amongst those who are participating. In this edition, the international speaker forum includes topics related to the economic and social implications of globalism and globalization, emerging markets, valuation of art, and conversations between artists and critics. The panel of speakers includes curators, critics, artists, collectors and representatives from museums and galleries from the world over. The Sculpture Park is going to be another major attraction that utilizes an open-air space at the entrance of the fair, where large-scale outdoor sculptures and installations will be showcased. The Purple Wall Project is a curated project that has been specially conceptualized and will be exhibiting installation art and a Video Lounge that will showcase video art by contemporary Indian as well as international artists.

A wide cross-section of art both conventional and conceptual will be on display thus offering collectors and investors a unique opportunity to not only enhance their understanding of art, but to also discover latest trends in international art.

(Published in Financial Times)

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