5 May 2011

Art in Home Decor

Buying art as an investment option

Now that the recession is considered to be behind us, people are once again looking at various investment options. Real estate, gold and the stock markets are taking precedence as investment avenues. Many are investing in their dream homes and are willing to spend anything between Rs 50 lakhs to Rs 1.5 crores, while others are buying their second or even third houses. There are people keen on doing up their homes to the best of their ability and are willing to spend substantial amounts on the interiors. As part of this process, homeowners are increasingly considering original artworks as an essential element of decor.
It is noticed that in such cases the prime focus is on purchasing a work of art which fits in well with the space and the interiors, rather than be driven by a purely investment motive. Although, this is a positive trend and must be encouraged, what would work better is if the buyers choose art with a right amount of emphasis on aesthetics , and at the same time consider a few points, which can contribute towards building up an art portfolio in the long run.

While buying art, you can consciously opt for original artworks (instead of reproductions or prints) by emerging artists, students or established names depending on the budget available. Drawings, limited edition prints such as etchings or serigraphs, watercolours and photographs are some of the options which are priced lower than oils and acrylics on canvas . Canvas works by students and young artists are also likely to be more affordable in comparison to paper works by senior artists.

Most people tend to buy art according to specific colour themes or motifs in an effort to coordinate with the existing decor, but this may not always be the right approach to adopt. When buying, the emphasis should always be on the quality of the artwork, while keeping other aspects in mind.


Rakesh HP said...

This is blog is awesome and i feel you are a true art lover :)

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Unknown said...

This is an amazing blog by Nalini. I will check the list of dealers on Justdial and check if i can get the dealer at my nearby town.