17 Jan 2012

Submission Guidelines

Dear Readers,

I've been getting high res images & pdf files from galleries, artists & pr agencies, so I'm reposting this,

'Pl send me information on events and updates in jpg or bmp format (low res), which are easier to upload on the blog. Pdf files are great if they are just for keeping me informed, but do send another low res jpg file for uploading'.

Also, please understand that it is often not possible to put up all event information which is sent to me for various reasons - I might be travelling, could be busy with something else or simply because the file requires too much formatting.

Recently, there have been several queries regarding how to contact galleries, looking for feedback on art, career guidance and so on. Again, I have to say that it is difficult to respond to each query individually, but I will try to upload responses on the blog itself. Meanwhile, pl mention in the mail if you are comfortable having your question posted on the blog. If not, pl mention that too.


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