4 Jun 2013

Balraj Khanna- A Journey of His Own

Acclaimed Indian born artist Balraj Khanna’s first online curated solo show kicks off in June

Balraj Khanna- A Journey of His Own

6-16 June 2013

Balraj Khanna was born in the Punjab and came to England in the 1960s to study English. Instead, he took to art – eventually becoming ‘one of the best middle generation painters we have” (Mel Gooding).

Khanna is an individualistic artist whose work encapsulates his own aesthetic approach and personalised vision of life. He has developed a unique brand of abstraction inspired by nature, spirituality and concepts of creation.

His paintings have been described as “buoyant, engaging, festive and uplifting”.

Lucie Marchelot, director of The Indian Art Centre, says: “We wanted to create an innovative online exhibition featuring high quality works that could be visited by collectors from around the world. For those not prepared to sacrifice the experience of seeing the work in the flesh we arrange private views of the collection at the artist’s studio in London”.

Two rooms showcasing 22 works have been specially designed to provide a strong and realistic effect of how paintings could be arranged in traditional and modern interiors.

The use of cutting-edge technology allows collectors to have a unique 3D experience in the comfort of their homes. As they scroll through a dazzling panoramic display, they can click on each artwork and a window will pop up on the screen with their descriptions, prices and zoomed photographs allowing a closer inspection.

The virtual gallery will open its virtual doors on the 6th of June and the pop up online event will run until the 16th of June 2013 (aligned with the Modern and Contemporary Indian Art auctions organised by the leading auction houses in London).

Since Balraj Khanna was once described by Bryan Robertson as "one of the most distinguished painters living in England," the high level of interest in his online pop-up art exhibition is not surprising.

Interested parties are invited to register on ajourneyofhisown

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