11 Feb 2021

artPRESENT Augments Virtual Art Viewing

Interview: Niranjan Ingale, talks about artPRESENT, a dynamic digital platform for virtual art viewing

There has been a perceptible shift in the functioning of the art market, where much of the activity has migrated to digital platforms with online exhibitions, viewing rooms and essentially technology integrated systems to augment presentation and viewing of art. There has been a spurt in tech companies entering the art space to offer backend support and solutions to enhance user experience. In this context, Art Scene India chats with Niranjan Ingale, director of Tap Sense Technology, a recent entrant to the Indian art market. Ingale is a partner with Anton Bakker, a US based contemporary artist, specializing in sculpture, and the duo completed a pilot project with the HVAF last year, and have been part of several initiatives that enrich online user interface, supported by technology.

Niranjan Ingale, Director, Tapsense Technology, for Art Scene India
Niranjan Ingale, Director, Tap Sense Technology

Why did you start with artPRESENT? Tell us about your background?

I used to work in the C-store industry in the US, where we implemented cutting edge technologies and also tracked all consumer transactions. Analyzing the transaction data, it was easy to take data driven decisions about developing and defining campaigns. Recently, I was introduced to the art market in the US and observed that most of the art world was working in brick and mortar, and no data was gathered about collectors’ interests. I realized by implementing cutting edge technologies to augment presentation of artworks, one could drive data focused decisions with regards to promotional activities. Data driven decisions are critical in defining campaigns and measuring their impact and can become a vital tool to support economic efficiency.

Image courtesy; Rene Melchor, Art Consultant
Image courtesy; Rene Melchor, Art Consultant

Due to the pandemic, the art world began looking for online options to present and sell art. This is where our product artPRESENT came into the picture. artPRESENT is all about providing the art buying and selling experience and is not limited to 3D viewing. It offers enhanced features such as creating a dynamic digital document to present an entire collection of artworks, which can also be dynamically updated. In addition, the augmented reality option allows you to virtually position and present the artworks in a collector’s home.

Do you think this is a temporary phase and we will go back to physical spaces once the COVID situation is under control?

I feel the art world has changed for a lifetime, and even though the world, in general, will get back to normal, hybrid models will dominate, and presenting and selling artworks online will be the new trend. It will continue to evolve with enhanced features, consumer usability and data backed decisions to mobilize the art market.

For instance, if a collector visits a physical space such as a gallery or an art fair to explore artworks, they can carry the digital catalog back home and virtually place artworks in the rooms to experience it in augmented reality. And, each artwork in a physical space can have a QR code attached to it, where scanning a QR code can provide more details in different forms.

Watch the video to know more about artPresent

What is the scope, apart from online 3D viewing? What are the special features & differentiators?

I feel that presenting an artwork is all about creating a holistic engaged experience, and online viewing needs to make that impact. For instance, text, audio and video descriptions, which present a complete story around each artwork, makes it interesting and engaging for collectors to understand the art in its entirety. Zoom and pan capabilities help to see each corner of the artwork in detail. Adding different color frames to the artwork allows one to see the various options. Positioning the artwork in a virtual gallery room gives a sense of size and space. Sharing artworks and collection URLs on social media or embedding it in existing websites or distributing QR code offer variable options and make them shareable widely. Analysis of collector’s action data through the distributed URLs offers specific data for future use. Also, using artPRESENT, the social media posts can be enhanced. All of these features differentiate us from other players in the market.

Please comment on the size of the global market and Indian art.

The global art market is immense and full of opportunities for Indian art to be presented at the global level. Gathering data about interest in specific types of artworks from different demographics is very crucial to promoting artworks in the right locations.

Therefore informed promotions along with data analytics and reports can optimize promotional events and improve efficacy of presenting art online.

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All images & video provided by Niranjan Ingale

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Hi Niranjan Ingle.I am Ramesh Gujar.I paid 11,8,000./Rs.as Registration.sanjeev pawar told me gallery will start from 1st June.I trued to see gallery but I couldn't.so lem me know.

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