11 Mar 2007

Art Review - Abir Patwardhan

(By Nalini S Malaviya )

Abir Patwardhan’s first solo show in the city, presents his recent works that are inspired by nature. In this series titled ‘Prayer for the Porcupine’ Abir lays out a delightful array of fruit and seeds where forms rule and the fluidity of copper charms.
sculpture by Abir PatwardhanThe sculptures draw inspiration from nature but refrain from being literal translations. Analogical at times, they are impressions, and sometimes imaginative renderings from fantasy. ‘Strange Fruit’ split in two has a frightening effect covered with wriggling worms, while ‘The outermost reaches of my mind’ has these long tentacles reaching out in exploration. The sculptures are beautiful, and have been crafted to perfection. With engineering precision and miniature detailing, the artist avoids being repetitive and offers a substantial variety. His sculptures have a sense of the unusual and even a touch of humor at times. Having worked in the past with paper, iron and ceramic amongst other mediums, the present series makes use of beaten copper. Abir first sketches out his concept, which then develops further in his drawings, and by the time he starts work with the metal it evolves in form and shape.

An avid traveler Abir admits he is fascinated by native arts and crafts. He believes such exposure adds perspective to one’s art and also helps in relating real situations to myths and legends. The artist has a master’s degree in fine arts (sculpture) from MS University Baroda, and lives and works in Pune. Prices begin at Rs 30,000.

The exhibition is on till March 14 at Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore –560 027.

(Published in Financial Times, Bangalore)


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