11 Nov 2014

Art News: Transitions by Shraddha Rathi

A Solo Exhibition of paintings 'Transitions' by Shraddha Rathi from 

15th to 18th November 14 at The Taj West End, Bangalore

Trained as a Bharatnatyam dancer and educated as an architect, Shraddha Rathi explores an entirely new medium of expression through painting, coalescing key influences from both these creative fields. Through rhythmic forms, colours and textures Shraddha mesmerises with her thought provoking and inspiring paintings that combine Indian traditional values and modern experiences. 
Painting from series 'Transitions' by Shraddha Rathi, Bangalore, Art Scene India
"Every painting has a story to tell…. Painting to me is a language through which I express my thoughts. The three dimensions that I constantly build on, in my works are space, texture and expression. Time and my journey within, shape my thoughts which get reflected in my works. Developed over a period of time the current exhibition is a combination of three sets of works.

Shadows - My affinity to architecture resulted in the series of paintings called Shadows. I worked on themes that lend themselves to perspective and space. It is an attempt to capture the beautifully crafted and carved stonework in our historical past. I love the subject for its sheer contrast, the moment I add shadows the image starts coming alive to me. I have used visible brush strokes, unusual visual angles and light in its changing qualities in a monochromatic colour scheme.

A journey within - These set of works focus on my thoughts and ideas of Indian culture and teachings of Buddha. ‘What we think we become’, depicting Buddha in white, a colour that encompasses spirit of purity and evolution. The colourful images in this series, came forth as repetitive patterns, reflected themes from my subconscious mind, based on life and symbolic relationship between man and his thoughts. And how the ongoing process of thoughts designs our life.

Rhythm of colour - For an artist, the transition from narrative to abstract is a leap of faith…. Change is inevitable. From form to formless and monochrome to colourful. Yet another effort to convey myself, this time through basic design. I have used Line as an element in all its variations. Free flowing forms that overlap and merge into each other in many intricate sections. These works have an essence of movement in them. They refer to urbanscapes, rhythmic patterns, or may be, threads on a grid to be woven into fabric ……and allow the viewer to explore the works from a very personal perspective." Shraddha Rathi.
Exhibition 'Transitions' by Shraddha Rathi, Bangalore, Art Scene India
The exhibition is on view from 15th-18th November at The Taj West End, Bangalore

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