21 Jan 2020

Art News: Juxtaposed by Vaman Pai and Gomathi Suresh

Juxtaposed by Vaman Pai at Gallery Manora, Art Scene India

G  A   L   L   E   R   Y       M   A   N   O   R   A
J u x t a p o s e d
V A M A N   P A I   /   G O M A T H I   S U R E S H
C U R A T E D   B Y   G I R I D H A R   K H A S N I S
January 23 to February 20, 2020

GALLERY MANORA presents Juxtaposed, a two-person exhibition featuring a series of new paintings by Vaman Pai and recent ceramics by Gomathi Suresh. The show opens on Jan 23 (Thursday) and runs through Feb 20. 

Juxtaposed by Gomathi Suresh at Gallery Manora, Art Scene IndiaFor both Vaman and Gomathi, creation of art is intrinsically linked with intuition, imagination as well as life experiences. Involved in different mediums, they create works that are not fixed on any particular notion or theme but imagery that is free and open to interpretation. Silent yet evocative, their abstract constructs and formations are coloured with introspective tones and designs. Their common interest in grasping contrasting and complementary views of nature and human feelings manifest in their work. At a particular level, their works seem like mindscapes searching for an unknown idiom and ineffable beauty.

Juxtaposed by Vaman Pai at Gallery Manora, Art Scene India
Vaman’s dynamic work with free flowing forms and multi-coloured smatterings exposes his creative energy, fertile imagination and fearless approach to art making. Connecting the tangible with the abstract, his paintings seem to find life both in the fluctuating moods of vibrant spaces as well as the mysterious layers of darkness.

Gomathi’s ceramics with meandering shapes and gentle curves reveal a slow and studied process along with a personal and poetic handling of the delicate material. For this body of work, she has used organic hand-built and thrown forms in heavily grogged stoneware clay. One can see how by treating the surface of layered underglazes using multiple firing techniques, she has brought in both depth and texture to her intriguing works. 
Juxtaposed by Gomathi Suresh at Gallery Manora, Art Scene India
What appears central to both the artists is the natural response to the chosen mediums. There is also a craving to be part of the ‘give-and-take’ interplay of forms, ideas and actions. Most of all, it is interesting to see how the artists have inspired each other even while keeping their practices independent and non-intrusive on each other.

Juxtaposed opens on Jan 23 and runs through Feb 20, 2020 at Gallery Manora

Gallery Manora
55,100 Ft Road Off,9th A Main, Indiranagar-1st Stage, Bengaluru 560038, INDIA.

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