15 Sep 2017

Artistic Touch to Festive Decor

Adapting a décor which is constructed around traditional thematic elements is a great way to highlight rich ancient content in a visual format and to create an interesting and unusual décor

This month as the festivities continue, every day of Dussehra is celebrated with great joy and fervour. Rich in symbolism and with a specific cultural and religious connotation each day is associated with traditional rituals and is celebrated accordingly. The ninth and the tenth days of Dussehra are celebrated as Ayudha Pooja and Vijayadashmi. During the festivals, traditionally weapons were worshipped; however these days tools related to respective professions such as electronic gadgets are also worshipped. Goddess Saraswati as the symbol of knowledge, music and arts is offered prayers to invoke her blessings. The importance of celebrating these festivals in a traditional manner helps in emphasizing their significance and also in inculcating cultural values in the younger generation.
Artistic Touch to Festive Decor by Nalini Malaviya, Art in Interiors, Art Scene India
Artist Shraddha Rathi, Image courtesy Rupali & Gaurav Bhatia
During this occasion, traditional arts and crafts can be used in décor to create an ethnic ambience that enhances the festive spirit, as well. Mysore and Tanjore paintings and folk and tribal art with its symbolism associated with festivities are some of the artworks that enrich the environment. Look for traditional paintings that depict scenes from the epics and narrate mythological stories. Oleographs and prints of paintings by Raja Ravi Varma and his contemporaries depicting vignettes from mythological texts add a great interest to the décor in terms of rarity, beauty and traditional significance.

Adapting the décor by accessorising around traditional thematic elements is a great way to highlight rich ancient content in a visual format and to create interesting and unusual décors. Art based on mythology and legends adds to the visual narrative and its rendition can be either traditional or contemporary.
Artistic Touch to Festive Decor by Nalini Malaviya, Art in Interiors, Art Scene India
Image courtesy pixabay

For instance, many contemporary artists transcribe text from religious books and scriptures on their paintings and also sculptures and installations which can add an interesting dimension to the festive décor. Incidentally, a few artists also paint musicians on their canvas and create sculptures around musical themes. These can form the perfect accessories in the décor.

The significance of music, musical instruments and other symbols of fine arts, learning and knowledge is primary during Ayudha Pooja and Vijayadashmi. A creative display of musical instruments, especially vintage instruments which exhibit a fine craftsmanship make for an interesting addition in the décor. Antique wood and brass instruments are not only rare, but also exceptionally beautiful and must be displayed with care. These can form the focal point in the décor and can be exhibited on raised platforms or pedestals. Use appropriate and creative lighting fixtures to highlight the aesthetic elements and craftsmanship of rare artefacts.

Similarly, unusual and antique statuettes, figurines and silver and brassware emphasise ethnic nuances and contribute to a traditional look and can be used as part of the décor or as functional objects.

The writer is an art consultant and curator

Published in Times Property, Bangalore 

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9 Sep 2017

Terra Firma in New Delhi

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24 Aug 2017

Art News: Heritage ‘per square feet’ at Venkatappa Art Gallery

 Measured per square feet from soil to sky!

Heritage ‘per square feet’ at Venkatappa Art GalleryThird in the Sambhrama series, Heritage ‘per square feet’, presents works by Mysore artists in an exhibition curated by Shoaib Chadkhan and Anil Chandran. The show offers paintings, performance, talk and panel discussion to probe, inquire and explore the subject in varied dimensions. The Karnataka artists' resistance to the adoption of Venkatappa Art Gallery (VAG) began in February 2016, and saw a series of artistic events and protests since then. 
As part of VAG Forum's ongoing artistic activities towards a creative reclamation of public space, organizing an art exhibition/event for 10 days once in 45 days, has been taken up by the VAG Forum, which comes under the name 'Sambhrama'.

Ganesha in Multiple Forms

Ganesha, symbolic of new beginnings, success, wisdom and generosity is worshipped on Ganesh Chaturthi, a Hindu festival that reveres the elephant God. The ten-day festival is celebrated starting on the fourth day of the Hindu luni-solar calendar month Bhadrapada, which typically falls in the months of August or September.

S.G.Vasudev, GANESHA 31cms x 31cms  Medium: Relief in copper
S.G.Vasudev, 31cms x 31cms, Relief in copper
The festival is marked with installation of Ganesha clay idols in homes, or in public spaces on elaborate pandals. It ends on the tenth day after start, wherein the idol is carried in a public procession with music and group chanting, then immersed in a nearby water body such as a river or ocean, thereafter the clay idol dissolves and Ganesha is believed to return to Mount Kailasha to Parvati and Shiva (source - Wikipedia)

With greater environmental awareness, there is an emphasis on eco-friendly materials  to minimise pollution of water bodies.

As the festival marks Ganesha's birthday, and celebrates him as the god of good beginnings, prosperity and obstacle remover, he is worshipped across the country with equal fervour during festivals, rituals and other celebrations.

18 Aug 2017

Bangalore Launch: 'Intelligent Field' by Surendra Kumar Sagar

'Intelligent Field' 

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'Intelligent Field` is Surendra Kumar Sagar's second book on science and philosophy with a similar objective as his first book 'SIX WORDS'  which aims to establish a model of philosophy that can lead towards convergence of religion with science to end conflicts and wars.
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17 Aug 2017

In Silence the Secret Speaks by Seema Kohli

The Golden Web
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Anjana Chandak responds evocatively to the narrative performance by artist Seema Kohli, held recently at the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) Bengaluru.

Poetry is not when you find a word rhyming with a word but poetry is created when you can find a word rhyming exactly with your feeling…And this is what artist Seema Kohli, who donned the cap of poetess made me feel, performing her poetic narration, ‘In Silence the Secret Speaks...’

The mirror pool at the NGMA provided the perfect womb to nurture the spirit of the artist who merged with the art through her own reflection. She transcended her paintings into verbal form through her palette of myriad emotions, painting it line by line; creating and narrating.
In Silence the Secret Speaks by Seema Kohli, narrative performance, Bangalore, writer Anjana Chandak for Art Scene India, Images courtesy writer