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19 Apr 2023

Reimagining Nature: Poetics of Viewing by Anil Annaiah

Cotton Candy by Anil Annaiah, Art Scene India
Cotton Candy by Anil Annaiah 

Bangalore based filmmaker, writer, photographer and storyteller Anil Anaiah has been passionately rooting for nature for several decades now. His upcoming exhibition of photographs and short films have been curated by me, and will be on view from 21st - 23rd April 2023 at Devaraj Urs Gallery, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath Bengaluru.

While appearing to be nature photographs at the first instance, all images have been taken with a purpose. The idea behind it is to reveal details which are invisible to the naked eye and to encourage everyone to really observe and engage with nature in order to take further action that can support and conserve the natural world around us.

Anil's artistic projects have centered around ‘nature is art’ where he encourages positive actions that are aligned with the Sustainable Development (SDGs), through artworks which include photographs, documentaries, videos and also a citizen science initiative. In the past, he has also contributed towards socially relevant campaigns around autism and waste management.

The upcoming exhibition 'Reimagining Nature: Poetics of Viewing' coincides with Earth Day 2023, and is a celebration of Anil’s decade long journey, where he has presented his collection of nature photographs and films in a public exhibition on every Earth Day, since 2014.

The collection features early photographic works that are based on macro-photography and capture stunning magnified views of flora and foliage, offering deeper insights into the aesthetics and science of natural elements. While later works depict blurred or defocused images which appear to be abstracted paintings. The short films are conceptual and capture moving images with textual overlay as ‘thought quotes’ broadly referring to ‘Invest in our planet’, the official theme for this Earth Day, and as a call for action.

Anil believes that simple acts of observation can make one curious to know more about nature and thus act responsibly and discover their inner reflections as Changemakers. With even simple mobile phones one can take photographs and express their creativity and be a part of the changemaker movement. He will also be exhibiting a collection of photographs that has been shot on the iPhone and are exquisitely detailed. 

He elaborates, “Biodiversity loss and Climate Change are the greatest issues we face today. And, you can play an active role in its mitigation by participating in our Art, Storytelling and Citizen Science Experience."

The Pink River by Anil Annaiah, Art Scene India
The Pink River by Anil Annaiah
About Anil Annaiah

His work from the last two decades has been about conceiving and contributing to diverse assignments as a photographer, creative strategist, writer & filmmaker. He aspires to bridge the gap between the two worlds he works with, the Corporate and the Social Development sector and offer a powerful synergy to build social goodness with communication ideas.

Anil is passionate about developing ideas for creative engagements to build new Changemakers. He continuously explores possibilities to build participative platforms for social sustainability. His diverse experience & collective knowledge from the last two decades, lends him rich communications expertise.

His concept of “Nature is Art for Conservation” with “Discovering Science Through The Lens” presents an innovative Art & Citizen Science Experience Project. This invites people to fall in love with nature all over again and discover their inner reflections as Changemakers. “Art, Nature, Science and You (ANSY)”. The joy of holding a Camera and the endless moments of peace you can soak yourself in gives you the opportunity to do Camera Yoga. This Earth Day 2023 brings in the 10th Consecutive Year.

About the Curator

Nalini S Malaviya is a Bangalore based curator and writer. In addition to curating contemporary art exhibitions, she offers curatorial and advisory services to individuals and corporate, facilitating art acquisition. She has been writing for the media since 2003, and has been an art columnist for leading newspapers. She has contributed to Financial Times, Times of India, Bangalore Mirror, Deccan Herald, several art magazines and artist books, among other publications. She contributed ‘An Art Sojourn’, an essay on Yusuf Arakkal, which was translated in Kannada and published as a chapter in the artist book.

Nalini is the Founder/Publisher of Art Scene India,, which was established in 2006 as a blog, and which has evolved into a significant resource site and a digital archive, with extensive documentation of the Indian art scene over the last 16 years.

Some of her curatorial projects include the recently concluded solo artist project ‘Interwoven’, an exhibition of tapestries and drawings by senior artist SG Vasudev, ‘Enchanted Breath’, ‘Convergence,’ ‘Bend’, ‘Parallax of Visual Memories’, ‘Reimagining: (Un)Reality and Space’, 'Irreverent Gene' and ‘Polynomials of Relevance’ with leading contemporary artists from across the country.

Reimagining Nature: Poetics of Viewing by Anil Annaiah, curated by Nalini S Malaviya

To coincide with Earth Day 2023, the exhibition ‘Reimagining Nature: Poetics of Viewing’ by Anil Annaiah features a collection of Fine Art Photographs and Short Films from 2014 to 2023, curated by Nalini S Malaviya

Exhibition details: 21st, 22nd & 23rd April 2023 at Devaraj Urs Gallery, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath Bengaluru

Contact Anil Annaiah: Email:, Ph: 99807 40118

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31 Jul 2021

Art Bytes - Sparking Conversations Around Art

An ALL Bangalore Fine Arts Chapter initiative

By Jyoti C Singh Deo

The art scene in a Covid ridden world is bound to be on the back burner, or so it seems, but the art scene in a little pocket of Bangalore has been bubbling with activity. All Ladies League, better known as ALL was founded by Dr Harbeen Arora with the sole aim to connect women from various fields of life and to empower them. The onus lay upon pathfinders like Suchitra Kaul Misra, ALL Karnataka Chairperson and Nalini Malaviya, art consultant, curator and writer, who set up the Bangalore Fine Arts Chapter, three years ago. Nalini, with the support of the members of the group, has been instrumental in implementing several initiatives that connect artists and art connoisseurs.

Art Bytes - Sparking Conversations Around Art An ALL Bangalore Fine Arts Chapter initiative
ALL Bangalore Fine Arts Chapter Launch in September, 2018

In recent times, artists have been confined to their homes and this has been an ideal time for them to bring alive their canvases. ALL has been a perfect platform to showcase artworks by women artists. The fine arts Bangalore chapter has begun a series of Art Talks called ‘Art Bytes’ that showcases member artists from the city. The series delves into the works of artists and gives the audience an opportunity to interact with them.

Art Bytes - Sparking Conversations Around Art An ALL Bangalore Fine Arts Chapter initiative

The series of interaction began with Anjana Chandak, an artist, poet and performer, who is well known for her monologues, especially on Draupadi and Ahalya. Her artworks convey a rich spiritual side of her. Jyoti C Singh Deo, an artist, poet, writer and activist digs into her childhood days spent in the industrial town of Jamshedpur and coalfields of Jharkhand to create beautiful artworks. Her art depicts the apathy meted out to the labourers who work at the coalfields. G S Bhavani, an artist who is passionate about nature spoke about her works related to the conservation of River Cauvery. Her rock installations on the river bed and floral installations in natural environs are testimony of a heart that glows for the green world.

Art Bytes - Sparking Conversations Around Art An ALL Bangalore Fine Arts Chapter initiative
Next in line on Aug 2, are chapter vice-chair, Jyoti Gupta, a multidisciplinary artist working with mediums like acrylic, resin, inks and clay. These contribute to her sublime work with a unique style of art. Her work has been featured in several national and international events. And, Sharmila Aravind, who has actively engaged with art in its myriad forms - visual arts, directing documentaries, writing poetry, children's rhymes and singing. It has been an ongoing journey of self exploration and expression through multiple mediums.

Art Bytes is a journey that would be featuring more artists in the coming months.

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23 Nov 2019

A Journey Through Art by Anand Bekwad

Anand Bekwad's visual travelogue captures the mood and atmosphere along with the architecture and social fabrics of the cities and heritage sites that he visits. The depiction, follows the evolution of cities along important river trails that have been the genesis points of religious and cultural centres. Bekwad paints these as vibrant landscapes filled with energy and life, attempting to capture their historicity and distinctive character.

A Journey Through Art by Anand Bekwad
Blue Banaras - acrylic on canvas
"The series - ‘A Journey Through Art’ brings together a journey highlighting the artistic learning, philosophy and process of various art forms and sensibilities of the two regions, fascinated by its ghats, river, the people the city attracted and its bylanes throbbing with energy. Anand Bekwad, known for his watercolours and acrylic tries to narrate the journey of water with different landscapes of Rameshwaram, Madurai and Banaras. Certainly been in his mind he aims at publishing ‘views’ of the city from ‘complete plates and finished watercolours. Capturing through vibrant splashes of colour, and fluid line-work both the liveliness and poignancy of a timeless pastoral visual text," writes Ruchi Sharma in the catalogue.
A Journey Through Art by Anand Bekwad
Banaras evening light - -acrylic on canvas
In this series of paintings, Bekwad has worked with acrylics on canvas, deviating from his preferred medium which is watercolours. The Northern Ghats and the temples from South India form focal points of depiction in these works. The Benaras series include scenes around the river Ganga, with its Ghats, temples along the riverbank and other architectural features. The stories of the past and those of the living merge seamlessly on the canvas to create vibrant stills.
A Journey Through Art by Anand Bekwad
Chethshingh fort - Acrylic on canvas

'A Journey Through Art' is on view at Kalakriti art gallery, Hyderabad, till 29th November 2019

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23 Sept 2019

Art News: Of Life and Landscape

Of Life and Landscape by Shivani Dugar

Of Life and Landscape by Shivani Dugar at Gallery Art & Soul

Shivani Dugar’s recent suite of works, which developed in her city of residence New York, extends her abstract vocabulary, painting expansive vistas of life and its moments.
The immersive landscapes are derivatives from nature, as well as expanses of emotional and psychological terrains, expressed through color contrasts, translucent zones and vivid textures. Scale plays a pivotal role in Shivani’s works, an expression of the extent of the stream of consciousness and the immensity of the cosmic universe. The vertical format emphasizes  the distance between the earth and sky, while multi-panels build the narrative employing time as a motif, its fluency, inevitability, and the range of emotions and events it encapsulates with its passage. Size also contributes towards accentuating the disparity in scale between man and nature and natural forces.
Using ‘gestural’ lines, demarcating space and summarizing the elemental feeling of the subject, and allowing the painting to evolve organically, lie at the core of Shivani’s art practice. Fluidity of space and tonal gradations, along with abundant use of ‘light’ as a predominant motif play a vital role in creating the mood and atmosphere.
Shivani’s abstract expressionist discourse, relies on amorphous shapes and contours, while a gentle, subtle energy permeates her works. The unhurried calm reflected on her canvas, emanates from her working style - applying paint in layers, reducing the excess and reapplying - a process of building the essence and stripping the redundant. In her creative practice, the process occupies central posit and the end result is often accidental.

Excerpt from the catalogue text by Nalini Malaviya

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5 Sept 2018

Art News: 'Bend' - A solo exhibition of contemporary sculptures by Kalyan S Rathore

'Bend' - The Nature Of Change And The Order Of Repetition

A solo exhibition of contemporary sculptures by Kalyan S Rathore

Curated by Nalini S Malaviya

till September 29 at Gallery Manora, Bangalore

Aesthetics in Distortion

The preciseness of mathematical rules, the natural order in nature and the variants that occur during repetition, lie at the core of Kalyan Rathore’s art making. His sculptural installations derive inspiration from form, structure, space and aesthetics that occur in nature - as an innate incidence. Rathore explores elements of design, formation and spatial arrangement as observed in nature and their underlying patterns of morphology to recreate them in his sculptures.

Rathore has been working as an industrial designer and has conceptualised and created several large scale installations, which have been based on mathematical algorithms, and employ multimedia. Applying principles of progressive distortion, he repeats patterns to create motifs that resemble flora, fauna and naturally occurring elements. The sculptural forms appear to grow organically in a sequential manner, mimicking growth and patterns in nature, yet are reduced to a minimalist form that captures the essentials - the essence of the shape, form and motif in a geometric layout.

Serendipity from 'Bend' - A solo exhibition of contemporary sculpture by Kalyan S Rathore Curated by Nalini S Malaviya
 ‘Bend’ explores the variant that alters the mathematical code at the fundamental level, albeit from an artistic perspective, while applying mathematical rules such as the Fibonacci sequence and other relevant formulae responsible for the progression. For instance, the fractal defines a form created by repetitive application of a mathematical rule, where the form does not have to be homogenous, but it is precise. In the event of an error or variation introduced in the rule, the precision gives way to a slight distortion of the form, while retaining its essence, which is close to what is found in nature.

In the current suite of works, ‘Bend’ employs stellation to build the polytopes with new figures and forms - the essence of floral and animal figures, and patterns prevailing in nature. The sculptures explore plurality of probable motifs, genesis of natural forms, germination of organic life, and a multitude of possibilities that manifests in nature as an intuitive process.

Nalini S Malaviya
August, 2018

(excerpt from the curatorial essay)

Artist’s Statement:
Reality is warped. Straight lines are ‘straight’ only under the frame of reference we choose to adhere to. Mass is the summation of energy and Energy is an equally distorted idea too. We are left with no friendly-concepts in science when Quantum-physics walks into the room. The more we explore the more we push the wrinkles of uncertainty around the corner. This is not just a metaphorical position but one that rings true in the scientific communities as well.

‘BEND’ is my ode to the world of distortion. Distortion by design and Design by repetitions. Mutations that are born out of repetition and change.

Plural from 'Bend' - A solo exhibition of contemporary sculpture by Kalyan S Rathore Curated by Nalini S Malaviya

Perhaps the key to chaos is in Order. Can this order be harnessed and explained? The answers may lie in nature. Where nature chooses Geometry as a guiding template to render herself. I seek to find the common elements in every form; from an Atom to the Universe. In flora and fauna this seeming waywardness is apparent. On deeper inspection strict mathematical principles seem to govern the recipe for growth, structure and aesthetics. Geometry it appears is the solution nature turns to in order to negotiate and resolve the need for resources.

The sculptor in me wants to pin down a ‘minimum fundamental form’ that applies itself by replicating and changing at the same time. I present to you my series called BEND; The Nature of change and the order of repetition which is an ongoing exploration of Nature inspired structures.

The exhibition continues till September 29 at Gallery Manora, Indira Nagar, Bangalore

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