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6 Feb 2020

Art News: Unframed by Priyanka Sinha

Deconstructing Frameworks In Search Of The Sublime

In her new series of paintings, Priyanka Sinha explores the unknown and the arbitrary, and the elusive and the sublime. Attempting to deconstruct and remove frameworks, her abstract paintings delve deep into the mind in search of that ephemeral time and space, which cannot be categorised but depicts purity of mind and soul. 

Unframed by Priyanka Sinha
“Among the practising artists today, Priyanka Sinha stands out for her conviction, consistency and
maturity. Being an abstract painter, the struggle for survival is becoming increasingly difficult in
India. Today, a large number of abstract artists are trying to make success by attaching different kinds of philosophical (sometimes, even spiritual) sounding explanation with their work of art as a means to hide their deficiencies in artistic skills. In such an intensely market-driven world of art, the mediocrity is often hailed for the reasons we all are aware of,” writes artist and critic Ashok Bhowmick in the catalogue.

Being a well-trained artist, Priyanka is an immensely active art practitioner. It is not an urge for experimentation alone that drives her to accept newer challenges, but it is with her courage to create, she often forays into the unexplored zones of her own self to bring out something that makes her existence, meaningful. 

Unframed by Priyanka Sinha
Priyanka's recent works show that rare grit for which she is known for. After a considerable gap in time, she is showing her works and although she prefers to contain her expressions in monochrome only, the bundles of carefully etched parallel white lines bring in a refreshing light. Priyanka scratches the thick layers of colour to expose subtle parallel 'spaces' of her canvases, thus creating self-illuminating lines.

Her palette is full of the colours of the nature. In some paintings, she takes the colours from the sea while in some she borrows it from the seasons. With such colours, she composes her abstracts, but for the viewers, they appear as simple landscapes, seascapes and at times, even cityscapes. In her paintings, nothing happens accidentally, as every bit of it is not only planned but deeply meditated.
Unframed by Priyanka Sinha
The artist explains, “In my series named "Unframed" I have tried to present my sentiments in their sublime and pure form. The soul which has all power, and is the eternal core of our being and part of the creator. We look for materialistic happiness and want to be in our comfort zones. We want our life, relations, events, situations to manifest the way we desire. We want everything to happen in a particular manner, in well defined boundaries and frames.”

Unframed, an exhibition of Installations & Paintings by Priyanka Sinha will be on from 8-12th Feb at Fidelitus Gallery, Brigade Software Park, Banashankari 2nd Stage, Bangalore 560070
Mob: 080 680737001 E-mail:

All images are courtesy the artist

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28 Nov 2019

Waves of Imagination by Humera Ali

Bangalore based artist Humera Ali presents her recent body of works in her second solo show at MKF Museum of Art. Employing abstraction as a tool to convey her concerns for nature and its conservation, Humera depicts landscapes as large expanses of textured colour fields. She says, “Unleashing years of latent creativity, the show is oriented from my love for nature that transforms my rendition in a natural leaning towards abstraction.”
Waves of Imagination by Humera Ali
Verge of Dawn

She attempts to capture the gentle gradients of the terrain, the glimmer of sunlight on land and water and the various movements observed in nature. “My brush strokes using acrylic medium are seen as ‘bold’ and pigments used as ‘strong’ while being inspired by pointillism and knife art as a medium and technique. Observing the veins of a leaf, the textures created in water on a pebble are details seen in my creations.”

Waves of Imagination by Humera Ali
Marine Collision
The lyrical movements, patterns and textures inherent in nature are translated on the canvas. “My series on water is to recreate the beauty of the sea in tranquillity or rippling waves on the sand as I observe and create forms through a rhythmic pattern. Every canvas translates into a meditative experience with the intention to take the viewer in a narrative that transcends into another realm of their imagination.” The tender approach to painting reflects in the serenity of the works and the light and shadow effects displayed through tonal variations.

Waves of Imagination by Humera Ali
The series of works aims to also emphasize on the need for immediate action in cognizance of rapid urbanization, climate change and global warming. “I use the canvas to express my intense feelings with a strong message to conserve nature as global warming has given rise to water levels with repercussions of land that is fast receding.”

She emphasizes, “this show is a plea to all who respect the vagaries and strength in nature to continue the movement of protecting our planet.”

Humera is a self taught artist driven by passion, she was later mentored by the Bangalore based senior artist JMS Mani. Her works are part of collections in South Carolina, Sydney and Canada. She also does community service by giving art therapy to children with chronic illnesses providing them with a healing touch.

Meet the artist on 30th November 2019, 4 pm onwards

Waves of Imagination by Humera Ali, from 30th Nov - Dec 18, 2019 at MKF Museum of Art, 55/1 Isha Villa, Lavelle Road, Bengaluru 560001

Timing 11-7 pm.( (Monday closed.) Contact +91 7373 887 557

All images courtesy the artist

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23 Sept 2019

Art News: Of Life and Landscape

Of Life and Landscape by Shivani Dugar

Of Life and Landscape by Shivani Dugar at Gallery Art & Soul

Shivani Dugar’s recent suite of works, which developed in her city of residence New York, extends her abstract vocabulary, painting expansive vistas of life and its moments.
The immersive landscapes are derivatives from nature, as well as expanses of emotional and psychological terrains, expressed through color contrasts, translucent zones and vivid textures. Scale plays a pivotal role in Shivani’s works, an expression of the extent of the stream of consciousness and the immensity of the cosmic universe. The vertical format emphasizes  the distance between the earth and sky, while multi-panels build the narrative employing time as a motif, its fluency, inevitability, and the range of emotions and events it encapsulates with its passage. Size also contributes towards accentuating the disparity in scale between man and nature and natural forces.
Using ‘gestural’ lines, demarcating space and summarizing the elemental feeling of the subject, and allowing the painting to evolve organically, lie at the core of Shivani’s art practice. Fluidity of space and tonal gradations, along with abundant use of ‘light’ as a predominant motif play a vital role in creating the mood and atmosphere.
Shivani’s abstract expressionist discourse, relies on amorphous shapes and contours, while a gentle, subtle energy permeates her works. The unhurried calm reflected on her canvas, emanates from her working style - applying paint in layers, reducing the excess and reapplying - a process of building the essence and stripping the redundant. In her creative practice, the process occupies central posit and the end result is often accidental.

Excerpt from the catalogue text by Nalini Malaviya

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30 Nov 2016

Bharat Thakur's Foray in Art Commences in Bangalore

Bharat Thakur's Foray in Art Commences in Bangalore, The Space Between, Time and Space Art Gallery, Art News Bangalore, Artistic Yoga, Abstracts, Art Scene India
Yoga Guru Bharat Thakur with his painting
Bharat Thakur's art is an extension of his philosophy towards life and living, and simultaneously, it is an exploration of the self and the spiritual. Although non-figurative, the paintings hint at observed narratives and personal vignettes. In the current exhibition, The Space Between, the entire body of works are abstracts which have evolved significantly in the last couple of decades. And they have become more textural, layered, and non-representational.

There is a greater fluidity in the application of the paint and an increase in depth as well, which has brought about a rhythmic and lyrical quality to it. The overall composition has an intrinsic harmony, which is highly evident in many of the works on display, where the use of light as a divine and serene element gives it a mystic and tranquil touch. At the same time, the combination of colours and rapid strokes suggest an almost effervescent energy which appears to be spilling out from the canvas.The black and white series has a mysterious quality to it.
Bharat Thakur's Foray in Art Commences in Bangalore, The Space Between, Time and Space Art Gallery, Art News Bangalore, Artistic Yoga, Abstracts, Art Scene India
There is some restraint that Thakur now depicts in his recent works, which helps to take it to another level. A prolific painter, the immediacy of the medium in acrylic and the process of painting - applying paint with his hands lend a tactile quality to the canvas. A compulsion to paint for several hours on a daily basis, the practice is in fact meditative for him – an extension of his yoga practice.

Leonardo da Vinci said that "Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen."And here, in the gallery, every work of Thakur is accompanied by a verse written by him - an evocative expression that draws the viewer in to explore both text and image.

The exhibition continues till 22nd Dec at Time and Space Art Gallery, Bangalore.