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5 Mar 2024

An Art Exhibition with a Difference

Kala for Vidya 2024

Mukesh Sharma, Kala for Vidya, Art Scene India
'Kala for Vidya’, the much-awaited annual event, by the Rotary club of Bangalore is back this weekend (March 9-10th) to coincide with Women’s Day celebrations. An initiative by the Rotary club of Bangalore, it raises funds for the education of underprivileged children. It is a part of their flagship project - the Rotary Bangalore Vidhyalaya (RBV), which was set up in the year 1960, and currently has a student strength of about 540 children (pre-nursery to 10th grade), and where all of these children come from families that need financial support.

Ankon Mitra, Kala for Vidya, Art Scene India
Gopinath S., Kala for Vidya, Art Scene India 

From the year 2005, Rotary club of Bangalore has been organizing an art exhibition cum sale called “Kala for Vidya” to raise funds in order to provide education, uniforms, food and books to the children in this school. It is commendable that the artist community has been supporting this initiative right from the beginning as well as has been an integral part of the social cause, contributing immensely to its continued success.

The curated art collection keeps accessibility in mind and provides a diverse range at various price points to allow both new collectors and seasoned investors to either initiate or consolidate their art collection. Another significant element is that several young and emerging artists who made their debut at these exhibitions in previous years have gone on to make a mark in the art world, and they have continued to support the Kala for Vidya cause.

Manisha Gopinath, Kala for Vidya, Art Scene IndiaThis year’s edition celebrates the theme of “Oneness” – a much needed concept in today's world. The extensive art collection on display thus invokes a greater appreciation for the sheer diversity in artistic expression, where newer trends, voices and vocabularies are expressed. A special feature of this edition of Kala for Vidya is several contemporary expressions in a variety of materials are presented alongside traditional and classical themes and styles of painting. There are several artists from Bangalore and from across the country who are part of K4V for the first time, and have presented their recent drawings, paintings, mixed media and graphic works, and sculptures at the exhibition.

Rtn. Nalini Nanjundayya, President, Rotary Club of Bangalore elaborates, “This year, we embrace the theme "Oneness of Spirit - Oneness of Thought - Oneness of Action towards the Oneness of ALL." Excitingly, we are set to auction and sell artworks at affordable rates, generously provided by established and emerging artists. The proceeds will contribute to the noble cause of providing education to those in need. Each artist has created a special piece of art for this. Something never seen before. Education is a personal passion of mine, driven by its transformative power and its ability to change lives.”

This edition focuses largely on figuration and representation of human and animal figures, elements from nature, and depiction of life from rural and urban situations. Myths, folklore and divinity are some of the themes that have been explored by several artists in overt and in metaphorical ways. However, some of the artists have adopted a minimalistic approach using material to create texture and form. 

Well-known artists such as Ankon Mitra, Mukesh Sharma, Sachin Tekade, Shivani Aggarwal, Nandesha Shantiprakash, Raghu Kondur, Gyanesh Mishra among others are participating for the first time.

SG Vasudev, Kala for Vidya, Art Scene IndiaSachin Tekade, Kala for Vidya, Art Scene IndiaShivani Aggarwal, Kala for Vidya, Art Scene India

Ankon is known for his large-scale sculptural installations but has specially created an exquisite hand folded set of butterflies in metal, while Mukesh presents contemporary paintings with influences from RajasthanI miniature paintings, frescos, and block printing of Sanganer. Sachin transforms the textural qualities of paper in a sculptural form, Gopinath S. presents an ethereal and delicate porcelain sculpture, Manisha Gopinath explores the beauty of birds, trees and marine forms in ceramic and offers a piece that reflects this. Suresh K. is fascinated with how building layers with paper can alter the effects of light and shadows and combines with watercolour to narrate a story.

G. Subramanian, Jasu Rawal, Gurudas Shenoy, Chandranath Acharya, M.G.Doddamani, Shan Re, Basuki Dasgupta, Venugopal V.G., Bhavani GS, Pradeep Kumar DM have been associated with K4V for a long time and have created new works for the exhibition, while senior artists SG Vasudev, 
CS Krishana Setty, AM Prakash, Ravikumar Kashi and others are also part of the exhibition

Colour, form and textures create an abundance of delightful compositions in this K4V collection, and there is something for everyone. The QR code below when scanned allows you to download the catalog.

In addition, there is special emphasis on engaging audiences through use of technology – QR Codes to know more about the artwork, videos that offer a glimpse into the creative process, art therapy as a tool and other innovative ways to engage the viewer and collector.
Kala for Vidya, catalog QR Code, K4V24, Art Scene India

The 17th edition, curated by Nalini Malaviya, will be held on 9th-10th March at Hotel Conrad, Bangalore.

For Enquiries, WhatsApp 
+91 6361 630 739
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