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7 Aug 2013

Art in Interiors: Art Installations to Complement Home Decor

An art installation can completely anchor the space and form the core of the entire designing concept, writes art consultant Nalini S Malaviya

Contemporary art is not limited to paintings and sculptures and one can use art installations even in residential spaces to complement architectural highlights. Now, when we see art installations in gallery environs it is often difficult to visualize them as part of home interiors. The materials used in an art installation, its size and the very nature of its site specificity contribute to its innovative allure yet makes it appear a little inaccessible. However, from a decorating point of view, these very factors make it a perfect choice to successfully adapt in home décor. 
As compared to a two dimensional artwork, a three dimensional installation allows space transformation at multiple levels and creates several layers of interaction with the viewer. It can be integrated with architectural elements to make it a seamless viewing experience and therefore works best if it is planned for right in the initial stages of design. These can be suspended from the ceiling, fixed horizontally to walls to protrude outwards or placed free standing on the floor to form visual partitions. These also work very well as a focal point of decor, or can even be designed to cleverly conceal functional and utilitarian pieces.

Art by Mukesh Sharma, photograph courtesy Chintan Upadhyay

While planning for art installations, it would be important to consider the size and location of the space where you would be placing it. An installation is interlinked with the site of display and once that is final, the choice of medium becomes easier. Stainless steel, fiberglass, glass and light are popular media that can be used in installations with ease and have a spectacular impact. Suspended artworks with light can highlight the architectural feature as well as create visual barriers to demarcate the space. Giant abstract or animal motifs perched on walls or suspended in space not only make the ambience interesting and quirky but also make it unique. Similarly, art installed on terraces and gardens give an unmatched individuality to its environment. Then a multi-media installation or a technology driven artwork can be an interactive piece that can engage the viewer with the artwork. 

The important thing is that an art installation can completely anchor the space and form the core of the entire designing concept.

Published in The Address, Times of India, Bangalore on July 28, 2013