24 Feb 2014

Art in Interiors: Murals Bring Art to Interiors

A mural can be an extremely versatile way to add artwork to home interiors and should be explored, writes art consultant Nalini S Malaviya
A mural on the wall is an interesting way to introduce art in your surroundings. A slightly off beat option, murals are far less common than paintings on walls. Having a painting done directly on the wall is a long term commitment that you make to the artwork and the artist because it cannot be moved around at whim. Folk and tribal art continues to be the most popular option in murals as these are bright and colourful. Geometric, floral and animal motifs form the narrative and it is fascinating to watch a story unfold which can compellingly draw the viewer in. Contemporary art is also a good option, which one can explore.
Photograph and mural by One Red Shoe- Murals & Artwork, Image source:wikipedia
It can appear a little daunting to have a painting done directly on the walls and some of the issues that come up are –
  • What about the outcome, is it going to turn out well?
  • Will it blend with the rest of the décor?
  • Will it stand out too much and become overwhelming?
  • And, most importantly what do you do when you get bored with it?
These are all valid questions that one must consider before having a mural painted on a wall inside your home. One of the ways to deal with such a situation is to have the mural painted only at a later stage, for instance when the décor is in place and you have finalized wall colours, drapes and furnishings.

The advantage with a mural is that it offers great flexibility and the ability to complement the existing home décor, and therefore you can easily select themes, motives, colours and the size of the mural based on the space available and the décor. The artist will also have many ideas and will be able to guide you in terms of what is possible and what works best for that particular area. Opt for an artist who has experience in doing murals.
Madhubani folk art mural, Image source http://www.kalamadhyam.org
Interestingly, folk and tribal art works very well in almost every form of décor scheme, and in most parts of the house. For instance, it fits in very well around the main entrance, lounge, dining area and the children’s room. Folk and tribal art with their colourful strokes has a universal appeal and the theme can be adapted to suit the space. Similarly, other art forms can be painted on a wall which needs to be highlighted and can be adapted completely to complement the space available – even if is an odd shape. Columns and pillars, beams and the ceiling can also be painted to create dramatic effects.

A mural can be an extremely versatile way to add artwork to home interiors and should be explored. A few years later you can change it and have a completely new mural in its place.

This article was published in The Times of India-The Address yesterday. 
Images are sourced from the Internet.

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