24 Mar 2014

Artist Profile: Spoorthy Murali

Painting by Spoorthy Murali, artist profile at Art Scene India, Image courtesy artistToday, we profile Spoorthy Murali, an Engineer turned artist. She has renounced her IT career to pursue her life’s calling – fine arts. The translucency and fluidity of watercolors have always allured her and inspired her to experiment on different subjects in this medium.

Spoorthy's rustic Hampi series paintings, rusty Vintage Automobile series, paintings of busy Bengaluru’s lost sparrows, paintings of languid elephants of the wild, and effervescent people portrayal have all been very well received at various forums. She has brought out a vibrant series of watercolor paintings which celebrate the colors in daily life of common man in India (aam aadmi), which she dotingly calls ‘Colors of the Mango people’. She believes in soaking in the subtleties of daily life, may it be the trellis of light and shadow that trees create on roads, the drama in the shadow play while kids play in the sun, the beauty in the sunlit dancing golden waves of a sea and so on. She loves to paint every beautiful sight and hopes to see more colors in this transient world!
Painting by Spoorthy Murali, artist profile at Art Scene India, Image courtesy artist
Spoorthy is a self taught artist and has worked with watercolors, acrylic and charcoal media. She has participated in various group shows in Bengaluru, Mysore, Cochin and Mumbai; and her paintings have found homes across India, USA, UK and Canada. 

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