14 Jan 2015

Art News: Milind Nayak's exhibition in Bangalore

Fragments from an Unstructured Existence by Milind Nayak

Artist Milind Nayak's mini retrospective  'Fragments from an Unstructured Existence ' is on at the Rangoli Art Center on M G Road Bangalore and will be on view till the first of February. It includes paintings from a fifteen year period from 1999 to 2014.
MIlind Nayak_From the earth series 2000, Art Scene India
"Each painting is an evocative rendering of fragments, remnants and snapshots of nature. The idyllic landscapes from his childhood, the monsoon, the garden adjoining the artist’s studio or the lotus pond that acts as a source of rejuvenation - at times a wellspring of ideas and at others an oasis of sustenance, every image encapsulates an ephemeral moment. And, Nayak adopts a non-structured approach tenderly channeling this space, simply facilitating the process and allowing the imagery to emerge spontaneously. His paintings are intuitive renderings with a philosophic weave creating portraits in time and space and, as he describes it, an act of faith." (excerpt from catalog essay 'Imagined Spaces of Paradisiacal Existence' by Nalini Malaviya)
Milind Nayak 'Untitled' painted live for demo 2015, Art Scene India
According to Milind, "My painting usually shifts between landscapes and abstracts. There have been periods where the paintings have been calm as placid waters, and times where they seem to be the eye of a storm. These are virtually situations which an artist works with. I have rejected the idea of stylistic consistency, in favour of embracing change and evolving constantly. The show includes different mediums like watercolours, soft and oil pastels, graphite’s and oil on canvas."

The exhibition (8th Jan 2015 to 1st Feb 2015) will be on view between 11am to 7.30pm at Rangoli Art Center on M G Road Bangalore.

Outreach programs: 
Gallery walks by the artist on 23rd and 30th January at 4pm.

There will also be a slide show by the artist featuring works which are not in the show, along with a demonstration of the artist’s painting techniques on the 17th of January at 6 pm.

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