24 Aug 2017

Art News: Heritage ‘per square feet’ at Venkatappa Art Gallery

 Measured per square feet from soil to sky!

Heritage ‘per square feet’ at Venkatappa Art GalleryThird in the Sambhrama series, Heritage ‘per square feet’, presents works by Mysore artists in an exhibition curated by Shoaib Chadkhan and Anil Chandran. The show offers paintings, performance, talk and panel discussion to probe, inquire and explore the subject in varied dimensions. The Karnataka artists' resistance to the adoption of Venkatappa Art Gallery (VAG) began in February 2016, and saw a series of artistic events and protests since then. 
As part of VAG Forum's ongoing artistic activities towards a creative reclamation of public space, organizing an art exhibition/event for 10 days once in 45 days, has been taken up by the VAG Forum, which comes under the name 'Sambhrama'.
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"There comes a time in a civilized world where our past seems to be a burden of our future dreams, the space that our ancestors bestowed on us needs a “change of land use” from a forestland which turned an estate house to a house which in turn will turn into a mall or on apartment complex , the spaces have “evolved” to a situation where land is measured per square feet, I reckon we shall see a time where it shall be measured per square feet from soil to sky, I would now want you to look at all these spaces where beings dwelled from a new perspective, it’s always up for change , Heritage per square feet! " explains the curatorial note regarding the current show.
Heritage ‘per square feet’ at Venkatappa Art Gallery

Heritage has been described as something that has been passed on for preceding generations; in the context of a built heritage it is seen also an inheritance. The famous conservationist, Bernard M Feilden describes historic building as one that gives us a sense of wonder and makes us makes us want to know more about the people and culture that produced it. It has architectural, aesthetic, historic, documentary, archaeological, economic, social and even political, spiritual or symbolic values; but the first impact is always emotional. It is this emotive quality that spurs most of the contributors to create this documentation and this discourse, we would want this show not be seen just as a show. The title is a pun on the commercialized thought process which spaces are being subjected to.The artists and the curators would want to see a discussion to come out of this purpose. As an introduction to the line up of contributors the curators urge you to read the similarities as well as the variations in approaches to the idea of conservation of the same.

The contributing artists are Shridhar VG, Khushmitha Chauhan, Anjali Sakleshpur, Punith N and Ravindra Gundu Rao.

On view till August 26th, 2017 at Venkatappa Art Gallery, Bangalore

Excerpts from the press release

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