15 Mar 2014

Artist Profile: Barbara Ash

This week we profile Barbara Ash, an artist based in Bangalore and Bristol, U.K. I saw her works for the first time at Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore as part of a show and found her 'Doll' sculptures refreshingly different. These explore notions of identity and power relating to individual and media created perceptions of femininity.

"Soft Power" by Barabara Ash profiled in Art Scene India "Soft Power" by Barabara Ash, Image courtesy Artist

"Soft Power" by Barabara Ash profiled in Art Scene IndiaAccording to Barbara, she  creates installations, sculptures and drawings that explore the world of feelings and expression, through large-scale toy and doll imagery. She trained at the Royal College of Art, London, and has been working in India since 2006; she fell in love with Bangalore and has been based there since 2010.

Barbara's idiosyncratic work celebrates colour and curves, and works on different levels, from sardonic humour and gentle critique to simple objects of visual pleasure and exuberance. She is currently developing a large body of fibre-glass pastel-painted sculptures for an otherworldly installation "Soft Power" playing with ideas of femininity and individuality.
You can view more of her works here. 

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