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5 Nov 2019

Art Bengaluru 2019 – Festival of Contemporary Art

Art Bengaluru 2019 - Ongoing at UB City

Art Bengaluru 2019 returns in its 9th edition and brings together 21 reputed artists from across the world including USA, Netherlands, France and Saudi Arabia with almost 200 works of art. Spread across various floors in the mall, the art has integrated beautifully with the interior design and architectural elements. The works encompass a range of styles, genres and media - paintings, hand-blown glass sculpture, installations, video projects, 3D printed sculpture, photography, mixed media and digital art are currently on display throughout The Collection, UB City.

The launch of the almost month long festival on 2nd November was a spectacular affair with a scintillating musical performance by the Bangalore City Chamber Orchestra.
MajesticForest - Daan Oude Elferink (Netherlands) Art Bengaluru 2019
Majestic Forest - Daan Oude Elferink (Netherlands) Art Bengaluru 2019 

The curatorial premise extends its range from the previous year and focuses on storytelling and figuration primarily, at the same time it attempts to draw narratives from across the country as well as internationally. It plays with scale and space to enhance the viewing experience.

The ground floor comes alive with dramatic works by the well known Dutch photographer Daan Oude Elferink, which capture the glory of abandoned and long forgotten places. Buildings, relics and deserted industrial facilities narrate poignant stories of life gone by.
Title-MANTODEA_PRAYINGMANTIS-Size-137_cm_X_137_cm_X_9_cm - Haribabu Natesan
On another floor, Haribaabu Naatesan’s large format mixed media works made out of industrial waste and scrap are a comment on consumerism and urbanization. He elaborates, “I want my artworks to provoke people to think about the materials they consume; when they discard a cycle or computer, when they re-decorate their homes, they must be aware of how much junk they are creating.”

Masked_Reality_Interactive -  By artificial intelligence (A.I) and new media artist, Harshit Aggarwal
Masked_Reality  By Harshit Aggarwal
In the IT capital of the country, technology, artificial intelligence and data science and its application predominates and art created utilizing these concpets will intrigue the viewer. New media artist Harshit Agrawal explores the ‘human-machine creativity continuum’- the melding of human and machine creative agency. He uses machines and algorithms and often creates them as an essential part of his art process. He often juxtaposes traditional art media and tools along with machines and computation, creating a space to both direct, and be guided by the machine.
2018-BetweentheRealities- R M Palaniappa (02)
Between the Realities  R M Palaniappa

Do not miss senior artist R M Palaniappan’s exhibition at Sublime Galleria on the 8th floor, which features his collection of works that explore the line, its movement and spatial connotations. The notion of time and space, the experience of space and the materiality of the universe map imaginary trajectories of physical and psychological terrains. His interest in art, science and psychology meld effortlessly.
Watch out for art by the Bangalore based Pradeep Kumar D M, R Rekha Krishnamurthy and Venugopala H S. Also for works by Anil Ijeri, Anni Kumari, Chandrahas Y Jalihal, Hariram V Harsh Nowlakha, Sruthi S Kumar and Vijit Pillai. The other international artists include Afra Khan, Jordan Sitzer and Pierre Poulain.

Untitled - Pradeep Kumar D M
Untitled - Pradeep Kumar D M

Speaking about the evolution of Art Bengaluru, Ms. Uzma Irfan – Founder -Sublime Galleria & Director - Prestige Group explains, “Nine years ago, we had conceptualised Art Bengaluru as a dedicated festival for the arts. Ever since, it has been a trailblazer event, a celebration of art, culture and luxury, on par with the finest art shows across the globe. Our constant effort has been to put Bengaluru on the map of the international art world, and give India’s rich and diverse culture the global platform it deserves.”

Abhishek Naidu, Curator of Art Bengaluru elaborates, “A new generation of collectors are on the rise who are looking at platforms like Art Bengaluru to engage with some of the best emerging and established artists from India and beyond. Over the last decade, Art Bengaluru has played a pivotal role in forging spirited bonds between artists, galleries, art collectors and art enthusiasts, not only across India, but also in New York, Beijing, Paris, Amsterdam and other international locations. With Art Bengaluru 2019, we wish to further strengthen these bonds and boost the outlook for the Indian art market.”

There is a BIT of you in some BIT of me Acrylic on canvas 5X4 feet2018 - Anni Kumari
There is a BIT of you in some BIT of me byAnni Kumari

Incidentally, the festival will also feature over a dozen talks, workshops, curated walks and other art experiences, including a feature Film Bengaluru – an International Film Festival organized in partnership with the UNESCO MGIEP focusing on the theme, 'Kindness Matters' from 14 – 17 November 2019.

Upcoming is also a workshop organized by OnePlus for smartphone users which will be conducted by the well known artist, Pallon Daruwala, who will show people how to take great photographs on their smartphones. The workshop will take place on Saturday - 23 November 2019 from 10am – 1pm.

Art Bengaluru at UB City, Vittal Mallya Road, 11am onwards is on till November 30.

More details on Art Bengaluru 2019 here

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31 Oct 2018

Art News: ‘Art Bengaluru’ is back with its 8th Edition

‘Art Bengaluru 2018'– Bengaluru’s popular Art Festival is back with its 8th Edition

At UB City from 02 – 18 November 2018
The City of Protagonists - Saju Kunhan at Art Bengaluru 2018 at UB City, Bangalore, image courtesy prestige constructions
The City of Protagonists by Saju Kunhan at Art Bengaluru 2018 at UB City, Bangalore, 
Image courtesy Prestige Constructions
The media preview today of Art Bengaluru’ offered glimpses into a well curated art exhibition, which brings together 17 Indian artists across 24 exhibits. With its inception in 2011, ‘Art Bengaluru’, the city’s first 10-day art festival was launched with the aim of celebrating art in its various forms. The idea behind it was to bring a multitude of artists and artforms from across India and the world under one roof, thus promoting art awareness as well as a deeper understanding of the arts. The 2014 edition featured artist Liu Bolin from China, popularly known as the 'The Invisible Man', and during the inaugural evening of Art Bengaluru, he performed and ‘disappeared’ into a bookshelf, even as the people watched (read about it here).

Over the years, the art festival has grown from strength to strength and has gravitated towards more serious art and artists. The exhibition this year includes artists Balan Nambiar, Gurudas Shenoy, Kavita Jaiswal, Vipta Kapadia, Parvathi Nayar, Pallon Daruwala, Romicon Revola & Saju Kunhan amongst others.
Painting by Gurudas Shenoy at Art Bengaluru 2018 at UB City, Bangalore, image courtesy prestige constructions
Painting by Gurudas Shenoy at Art Bengaluru 2018 at UB City, Bangalore, Image courtesy Prestige Constructions

Large stainless steel sculptures by Balan Nambiar at the entrance create a striking visual. The rest of the exhibits are distributed across  floors, Gurudas Shenoy's paintings are on display on the ground floor and at Sublime Galleria. Overall, the display is cohesive and  follows distinct narratives on each floor - abstracts around natural and urban landscapes, ephemeral abstractions, architectural renderings in the form of assemblages, digital recreations of mid-nineteenth century  postcards and photographs that re-orient perspectives are some of the works that you should watch out for.

The art festival offers a great opportunity to visitors and shoppers to engage with art in a public space, and for its entire duration, anyone can walk into the premises and view  a diverse spectrum of mediums and styles, displayed with museum-class display infrastructure under one roof. 

According to Uzma Irfan, Conceptualizer / Organiser, Art Bengaluru & Director, Prestige Group, "The language of art, as expressed through sounds, colours, shapes, lines, and images, speaks in ways that words cannot. Whether you experience the arts as a creator / artist or as an art lover, you can gain great pleasure and enjoyment from all kinds of art.”
Ganesh Selvaraj - Doing the same expecting difference at Art Bengaluru 2018 at UB City, Bangalore, image courtesy prestige constructions
With curated art walks, the festival also aims to contribute to art education among both children and adults. Art Bengaluru 2018 has partnered with several schools (Parikrma Centre of Learning, Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology and Dr. Beltran’s Animation School, to name a few) to take their students through curated walks to help them better understand and appreciate the arts.  Abhishek Naidu, Curator, Art Bengaluru 2018 offers, “Art Bengaluru’s aim has always been to aid in the Bangalorean front of that fight by bringing a selection of works from a diverse set of artists to UB City, thus bringing a much-needed injection of art to the city, along with a wonderfully disarming onslaught of emotion, insight, perspective and reflection that is unique to an enriching art experience.”

Art Bengaluru 2018 will start on 2nd Nov with an evening that will also include musical performances by Aman Mahajan (Pianist), Nush Lewis (Harpist), Raman Iyer (Saxophonist), and The Flying Drummers.

Edit: Updated 02 – 18 November 2018

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