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17 Feb 2022

Art News: Consortium by Fidelitus Gallery, Bangalore

Art exhibition celebrates senior art faculty from Bengaluru

Fidelitus Gallery kicks off 2022 with “Consortium - Art Preceptors of Bengaluru Art Institutions”, a unique art exhibition that draws attention to and features the on-going practice of active senior faculty members from 3 prominent Art Institutions in Bengaluru, namely, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath College of Fine Arts, Kalamandir School of Arts and Ken School of Arts.

Consortium by Fidelitus Gallery, Bangalore, Art Scene India,
Sculpture by Vishal Kavatekar
These institutions are decades old and markers of history in the state that have shaped the art scene in the region. Several of their alumni have gone on to become prominent names in the art industry in the country. Fidelitus Gallery through this exhibition acknowledges and celebrates the contribution of these fine art institutes and their extraordinary educators. The exhibition features 10 eminent artists and teachers - A M Prakash, Babu Jattakar, Gopal Kammar, Nagappa Pradhani, Pratibha T S, Sridhar Murthy, T S Baoni, Vishal Kavatekar, Mallappa S Halli and Nirmala Kumari and presents their paintings and sculptures. The show offers an array of fine art in diverse styles, subjects and themes, and materials and media, for the discerning art connoisseurs.

The initiative is also aligned with the Gallery’s “Heritage Wing” project that facilitates educational programs with respect to Museum and Gallery Studies.

Consortium by Fidelitus Gallery, Bangalore, Art Scene India,
Painting by Shridhar Murthy

Fidelitus Gallery aims to create an inclusive platform for the arts - both performing arts and visual arts, along with curated art educational pogrammes for the community.

The gallery is committed towards creating world class art exhibitions by curating hybrid transformative spaces by following standards of the international committee of exhibitions. It also hopes to make a difference in the arts sector through sustained efforts, all of which will gradually create lasting changes in techniques and processes of exhibiting art in the city. 

The collection from “Consortium” will be accessible in a hybrid form - both physically and virtually on the gallery website The gallery believes in giving back to society and follows the motto of Art For A Cause, whereby, part of the sale proceeds will contribute towards Shilpa Foundation, which works on providing a healthy environment and quality education for the underprivileged in Karnataka.

Consortium by Fidelitus Gallery, Bangalore, Art Scene India, www.fidelitusgallery.comThe 10 days exhibition will be formally inaugurated on Saturday, 19th February, 2022 at 6:00 pm. It will be inaugurated at the Fidelitus Gallery on 19th in the presence of Shri Alok Kumar, IPS, ADGP-KSRP, Shri Ashok Kheny Ex MLA Bidar South, MD NICE, Dr. Pramila Lochan- Art Historian and Critic, Shri Lahari Velu, and Shri Achuth Gowda, MD & Founder Fidelitus Corp Pvt Ltd. Artists and art connoisseurs are welcome to join the inaugural program.

Consortium by Fidelitus Gallery, Bangalore, Art Scene India, www.fidelitusgallery.comVisit the show here and at the gallery address given below.

The exhibition, “Consortium - Art Preceptors of Bengaluru Art Institutions”, is open to everyone from 19th to 27th February, 2022.

Fidelitus Gallery, Brigade Software Park, No. 42, Ground Floor, B Block, 27th Cross, BSK 2nd Stage, 

Bangalore - 560070

Email: PH: +91 80 68073700

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27 Nov 2013

Calling All Artists!

Would You Like To Exhibit Your Work In Bengaluru?

Three months ago, the KalaRasa Art House made its debut, showcasing the work of 71 young, relatively unknown artists drawn from across Karnataka. Their work represented a passionate mix of styles, genres and media that explored different dimensions of the human condition and re-imagined the constituents of aesthetic appeal. 

The exhibition was met with an overwhelming amount of support and acclaim from both art aficionados and the general public, drawing some much needed exposure to several unrepresented artists possessing stellar abilities. 

KalaRasa Art House; sponsored post at
The KalaRasa Art House is now tendering opportunities to artists from around the globe, both established and not-so-established, to exhibit their work at the KalaRasa gallery in Jayanagar. We are looking for individuals that display exceptional talent, a clear thematic focus and a will to push the artistic envelope.

To submit your work for consideration, log onto  and upload an image of each piece along with the relevant details. For more information get in touch with by emailing us at

About KalaRasa – Art House

KalaRasa is miscellany of spaces, encompassing an art gallery, art development centre, auditorium, literature
division, fashion store and design house. Offering a dramatic view of south Bengaluru, the art house encloses an extensive 15,000 sq. ft. area in High Street Building at 4th Block Jayanagar.

The prime objective of KalaRasa is to offer patronage to all forms of art and empower artists to transcend their understanding of what art constitutes. In the knowledge that each individual’s experience of art is unique in its own right, each show at the gallery is an attempt to make art a way of life for every human being and create a dynamic inter-cultural dialogue. 

KalaRasa Art House; sponsored post at

KalaRasa Art House

# 62, 6th Floor, "The High street Mall", 11th Main 
Jayanagar 4th Block, Bangalore, India - 560011

Tel:+91 80 4940 1300
Google Map Link

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10 Jun 2013

Ananya Drishya presents Suresh Kumar G

Ananya Drushya, an initiative by eminent artist SG Vasudev is a Bangalore based organization - a cultural trust that promotes music, literature and art that aims to create awareness about visual arts in schools and other sections of the society. Readers will remember that a few years ago, the visual chapter of Ananya had started with a group show, where seventy artists from the city had contributed their paintings. It was immensely successful and helped to raise funds for their activities.

According to Vasudev, “Ananya Drishya aims at a three-pronged approach. We conduct regular lecture and discussion sessions on art and art appreciation programmes. Then we have outreach programmes for school children to develop awareness in them about visual art and culture. Simultaneously, we are developing archives of Karnataka art from pre-Independence period onwards. So, while discussion sessions connect with the present, archives and working with children bridge the past and the future.” (quote from Bangalore Mirror, October 09, 2011)

Since then Ananya has been organizing monthly talks and presentations by artists, which have been very well appreciated and well attended. Last year, I moderated a presentation and interactive session with artists Murali Cheeroth and Ravikumar Kashi. Continuing this series, next is artist Suresh Kumar G making a presentation on Jun 11, 2013.

 Do drop in at Venkatappa Art Gallery if you are in the vicinity.

Ananya Drishya presents Suresh Kumar G

12 Dec 2008

C'est la vie - Art galleries continue to brave the markets left cold by the Mumbai terror attacks and economic crisis

One keeps hearing of reports where art shows have been postponed, trips abroad have been cancelled by artists, and galleries have cut down on expenses, so I thought of checking it out with local galleries to find out how they are coping with the current economic crisis. Are there strategies in place to counter the slowdown? Silloo Daruwala from Crimson Art Resource confirms that sales are hit but they are continuing with their shows. She says, “We might postpone a couple of shows in December by a week or so, but that is more to do with the Mumbai attack rather than the financial situation.” She feels people are affected emotionally as well, and when there has been such a loss to life, one is not in a mood to celebrate with art shows. However, one has to go ahead with all art activities.

Mona Webber from Gallery Sumukha affirms that it is not only sales but also footfalls that have reduced. She says, “Probably people feel that if they visit a gallery and if they like something, they might be tempted to buy. It is a little early to have an aggressive strategy but we will review the situation in the New Year and will decide what needs to be done.” She agrees that the Mumbai attacks have added to the overall sombre mood. Mona also feels that it is a buyer’s market now and there are people looking out for good bargains. According to her it is likely to be another 2 yrs before the situation stabilises.

RK Dugar from Gallery Mementos that recently opened its branch in the city plans to hold more shows of affordable art that is of good quality. He finds that people are still buying art but they are more into affordable art – below a certain price. He looks forward to organizing exhibitions of new and young artists, as people are continuing to buy art for smaller amounts. He believes that it will be at least a year before the financial markets begin to stabilise.
Obviously art cannot be on anyone’s priority list in times like this. However, one cannot suspend all activities and hope to resurface when the market is vibrant again. Well defined strategies may not be in place but most galleries will continue to organize events as planned so that their presence is maintained and they can capitalise on it when the market looks up again.

26 Aug 2008

List of Art Galleries, Bangalore

Here's a list of art galleries in Bangalore:
  1. Gallery Sumukha
  2. Time & Space Art Gallery
  3. Crimson Art Resource
  4. Mahua Art Gallery
  5. Galerie Sara Arakkal
  7. Gallery G