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1 Aug 2019

Linear Perspective by Shirley Mathew

Perspectives on Urbanization

Linear Perspective, solo show by Shirley Mathew, Art scene indiaShirley Mathew's recent series of paintings 'Linear Perspective' is in response to the changing landscape of Bangalore. Watching the rapid pace of urbanization and the receding green cover, she wonders about the collateral damage which is happening at the cost of development. 

Living in Bangalore, Shirley has watched how the city has transformed over the years – from the Garden city that it used to be, to where it is now. The paintings are an effort to highlight this concern and to draw attention to the transformation, and at the same time mobilize citizens towards positive action. It is also an ode to those green warriors who strive hard to save the remaining trees, and to those who actively take up greening initiatives.

Linear Perspective, solo show by Shirley Mathew, Art scene indiaShirley’s works are based on abstract expression, deploying bold lines and varying the intensity of colours to demarcate the linear outlines of trees and foliage. She employs mixed media in her works to delineate perspectives and accentuate textures. The collection of black and white works highlight the fragile state of the environment, its negative connotations and to raise the question of survival of trees and of foliage in any urban space.

The artist elaborates, “I invite the viewer to imagine the lines of nature created on handmade paper along with mixed medium on paper and canvas. With intermingling tree lines, I have attempted to express the angst of full grown old trees being endangered, in the name of urban development yet shown rays of hope in brush strokes and composition, as a message for more awareness to save green in nature.”

Linear Perspective, solo show by Shirley Mathew, Art scene india
Shirley hopes to raise awareness about this issue, which is critically placed now, and has far reaching impacts, ranging from climate change to availability of water. The collection of works is as much about painting a grim picture of reality as it is of optimism, affirming hope of immediate actions which can positively affect the future.

She offers an ode to the groups of concerned citizens from all walks of life who have dedicated their time and immense efforts to save existing trees and to those who have initiated planting of saplings. The linear perspective of trees alludes to the undeviating passage of time and its metamorphosis.

Linear Perspective, solo show by Shirley Mathew, from 3rd - 18th August 2019 at MKF Museum of Art, 55/1 Isha Villa, Lavelle Road, Bengaluru 560001

All images courtesy the artist

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17 Dec 2014

Art Talk: 'Recollections Reconnections' by Artist SG Vasudev

Heavy textures gouge out a terrain that is undulating and sinuous, mapping a visual narrative in SG Vasudev's recent works. 


Rhapsody, Recollections and Reconnections by Artist SG Vasudev, Art Scene India, Bangalore art scene
I met the well-known artist SG Vasudev at the December ArtPark event at Ravindra Kalashetra, right before the opening of his solo show. The ArtPark is an initiative by the veteran artist to encourage interaction between artists and the general public in an informal environment, outside a gallery setting. It allows visitors to talk to artists, watch them draw and paint and even buy art directly from them. The lush green park with its tall trees, tucked in a secluded corner away from the bustling streets of Bangalore, forms a perfect setting to mingle with your friends and enjoy the art.

Rhapsody, Recollections and Reconnections by Artist SG Vasudev, Art Scene India, Bangalore art sceneWe discussed Vasudev’s upcoming show, ‘Recollections Reconnections’, Ananya Drishya - a monthly event where artists and other members present their work, and the possibility of a visual art festival in Bangalore. The driving force behind many public art initiatives in the city, Vasudev is an active crusader in his attempts to popularize art and to position Bangalore as a significant art destination. “We clearly need support from all quarters, and the government and corporates must come forward and encourage art and culture activities,” he passionately argues.

Vasudev’s latest series of paintings shows a perceptible shift from his earlier works. Heavy textures gouge out a terrain that is undulating and sinuous, mapping a visual narrative. The transformation is evident in his visual vocabulary with the granular and textural backdrop assuming greater significance.

The imagery has also undergone subtle changes, shelving the rigidity of the form and progressing towards the abstract. Similarly, the muted colour palette allows greater interplay with the topography, while the embellishments play out like musical notes. Animals, trees, human figures and other elements from his previous works are all there, but have evolved and morphed into figures and forms where their edges fade and amalgamate with their surroundings. A delightful rhapsody that plays out on canvas.
Rhapsody, Recollections and Reconnections by Artist SG Vasudev, Art Scene India, Bangalore art scene
Interestingly, Vasudev first builds layers of white pigment on canvas to form a thick textural background, and then adds colours, only to remove it systematically from most areas. An avid music aficionado, SG Vasudev listens to music as he paints and he likens the process of his painting to the notes in music. “It is similar to the ‘Raga, Taana and Pallavi’ process in Carnatic music, when a ‘raga’ plays out, it is complete by itself. But, when ‘taana’ starts, it initiates another element and when that completes, ‘pallavi’ starts, which normally has verses and it completes the concert,” he explains. And, so for Vasudev, it is the removal of colours which completes the painting.

The exhibition continues till January 10 at Gallery Sumukha.
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3 May 2014

Call for children to participate in Art1st's Artist Mentor Program

This programme from IFA looks interesting, you may want to check it out,


"Every child is an artist.
The challenge is how to remain an artist once we grow up”
Pablo Picasso

Here’s an opportunity for young artists from Bangalore to be part of an immersive programme which will take them through the world of contemporary art with artists who will mentor them and help bring their ideas to life.
India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) presents Art1st Partner a Master: Artist Mentor Program, an initiative that seeks to bridge the gap in arts education in secondary schools.
Starting from July 2014, master artists like Suresh Jayaram, Ravikumar Kashi, Surekha, C F John, Biju Jose, George Mathen and Suresh Kumar G will engage with students in their studios every week. They will work alongside them on projects, construct personal knowledge, share perspectives and experiences. At the end of the programme, an art exhibition will be organised, inviting students to display the finished pieces of art.

Art1st Partner a Master invites students of ages 13-17 to be a part of this workshop.
For more details, contact Shalini at +91 97399 91645.

7 Apr 2014

Artist Profile: Kalabhakesari

Transformation, woodcut by Kalabhakesari, Artist profile at Art Scene India, Image courtesy artistThis week we profile artist Kalabhakesari, who holds a National Diploma in Fine Arts from Government Raja Ravi Varma College of Fine Arts, Kerala. His art reflects on contemporary issues arising out of urbanization and the pace of transformation in society, which is often in a detrimental direction.

As Kalabhakesari explains, "I am inspired by contemporary society. My paintings are about human emotions, inquiries and the anxieties of everyday life and my concerns about rapidly growing urban spaces, the aggressive invasion of rural spaces and thereby reflections of life." His art conveys the psychological and changing aspects of everyday life, the aspirations, desires and raw human emotions which accompany it. It is a comment on technology and the environment, and above all the struggle to find an identity in the urban cacophony.

In Between the Conflicts, painting by Kalabhakesari, Artist profile at Art Scene India, Image courtesy artistReflections of Life, painting by Kalabhakesari, Artist profile at Art Scene India, Image courtesy artist

Kalabhakesari won the State Award in Painting, Kerala Lalithakala Academy in 2011. He currently lives and works in Bangalore.

Art Scene India now features artists on a regular basis. If you wish to be profiled on, please send in your submissions according to the UPDATED guidelines listed under Submit.

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27 Nov 2013

Calling All Artists!

Would You Like To Exhibit Your Work In Bengaluru?

Three months ago, the KalaRasa Art House made its debut, showcasing the work of 71 young, relatively unknown artists drawn from across Karnataka. Their work represented a passionate mix of styles, genres and media that explored different dimensions of the human condition and re-imagined the constituents of aesthetic appeal. 

The exhibition was met with an overwhelming amount of support and acclaim from both art aficionados and the general public, drawing some much needed exposure to several unrepresented artists possessing stellar abilities. 

KalaRasa Art House; sponsored post at
The KalaRasa Art House is now tendering opportunities to artists from around the globe, both established and not-so-established, to exhibit their work at the KalaRasa gallery in Jayanagar. We are looking for individuals that display exceptional talent, a clear thematic focus and a will to push the artistic envelope.

To submit your work for consideration, log onto  and upload an image of each piece along with the relevant details. For more information get in touch with by emailing us at

About KalaRasa – Art House

KalaRasa is miscellany of spaces, encompassing an art gallery, art development centre, auditorium, literature
division, fashion store and design house. Offering a dramatic view of south Bengaluru, the art house encloses an extensive 15,000 sq. ft. area in High Street Building at 4th Block Jayanagar.

The prime objective of KalaRasa is to offer patronage to all forms of art and empower artists to transcend their understanding of what art constitutes. In the knowledge that each individual’s experience of art is unique in its own right, each show at the gallery is an attempt to make art a way of life for every human being and create a dynamic inter-cultural dialogue. 

KalaRasa Art House; sponsored post at

KalaRasa Art House

# 62, 6th Floor, "The High street Mall", 11th Main 
Jayanagar 4th Block, Bangalore, India - 560011

Tel:+91 80 4940 1300
Google Map Link

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