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18 Oct 2021

Author Speak: Surendra K Sagar on 'Is This Our Final Millennium'

In conversation with Surendra Kumar Sagar, the author of `Six Words​`, `Intelligent Field', 'Bright Light In The Sky​', 'Switched On' and 'Deep State’, we find out more about his latest book `Is This Our Final Millennium​`, which is a critical examination of what`s going wrong on our planet.

Art Scene India in conversation with Surendra K Sagar on 'Is This Our Final Millennium'

NM: This is your 6th book, tell us a little bit about the premise of 'Is This Our Final Millennium'?

SK: In January 2021, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists fixed the location of the Doomsday Clock at `100 Seconds To Midnight`. This is a metaphor for the end of humanity where the time is set by taking into account a variety of factors including human caused climate change, disruptive technologies, Bio warfare and of course nuclear wars. In my book `Is This Our Final Millennium? I have attempted to perform an in-depth analysis and correlate this with extinction probabilities and tell the world : If the doomsday clock stays at 100 seconds to midnight - the closest since World War 2 - then there is a 56 % chance of the collapse of human civilization in the next one thousand years. The `Intelligent Field` on the planet Earth is severely contaminated. The Deep States of the world continue to play havoc with human lives to ensure that business is flourishing in certain category of industries that cannot survive in peaceful times.

It looks like, our universe, even if it is meaningfully informed, is still one in which great evil can exist alongside good. Perhaps it is a requirement for progress that the real world has to be a mixture of harmony and nuance. But life must go on. We cannot allow its extinction; It cannot be that this is our final millennium.

In this sense, the book is an investigation into what`s going terribly.. terribly - wrong on the planet Earth, and what should be done to make it right. 

Art Scene India in conversation with Surendra K Sagar on 'Is This Our Final Millennium'NM: How did you come up with the idea of bringing in leaders and experts in the field, from the past and the present, to talk about these concerns in a parallel universe?

SK: Beginning with the question - who am I? What is my locus standi? And arriving at what do I do?

It was simple, I bring in the experts, the great scientists, philosophers, world leaders from the past, in their revised versions of course, and some experts/scientists who are alive.

I therefore contrive a seminar, where all these great people provide their presentations, which is recorded and uploaded on you-tube.

If you ask - Why were Dead Scientists chosen as participants in the Seminar?

Since the ones who are living are afraid of the Deep State. They are playing safe and simply do not like to be involved.


NM: What is the Unity of Consciousness?

SK: The most important subject discussed in the seminar (in the book) is the one relating to the Unity of Consciousness, the `Oneness of the Mind`. Recall my first book `Six Words`, where the six words are `We All Have The Same Mind’. It’s just that our consciousness is in the singular.

All the scientists and philosophers of the past agreed that Mind and Consciousness have a central place in the ultimate nature of reality. Never mind whether the said idea is not professionally useful to contemporary scientists, or practically useful to build machines. But it can be philosophically useful to unite science with religion, to unite people, to unite cultures, to unite religions, to unite factions within religions, to end conflicts and wars including civil wars, and so on.

A unified approach with a clear conscience is the only way the clock can be pushed back to safety. I recall Dr Narayan Murthy`s words during the 2003 symposium on Science and beyond held at NIAS - 'The Softest Pillow Is A Clear Conscience'

NM: That’s very interesting. Do tell us what's on your bookshelf?

SK: About a hundred books on Science - Quantum Physics, Cosmology - and Philosophy.

I’m currently reading `Information And The Nature Of Reality` (Paul Davies), `Some Strangeness In The Proportion` (Harry Woolf), `Cycles of Time`(Roger Penrose).

Also, Classics by Thomas Hardy, Dickens, Arthur.C. Clarke which I have already read but intend to read again in the future when the writing days are over and the mind is relaxed.

Not forgetting `Critique Of Pure Reason` (Kant)

NM: And, lastly, what are your forthcoming writing projects?

SK: I am working on the Second Edition of my flagship book `Intelligent Field` as well as on my seventh book `Time To Imagine .. And Other Short Pieces`

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18 Aug 2017

Bangalore Launch: 'Intelligent Field' by Surendra Kumar Sagar

'Intelligent Field' 

a new book by Surendra Kumar Sagar

'Intelligent Field` is Surendra Kumar Sagar's second book on science and philosophy with a similar objective as his first book 'SIX WORDS'  which aims to establish a model of philosophy that can lead towards convergence of religion with science to end conflicts and wars.
Intelligent Field a book by Surendra Kumar Sagar, launch at TERI, Bangalore, Art Scene India