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19 Dec 2018

JS Khanderao retrospective at NGMA Bengaluru

'through the window: JS Khanderao retrospective' an exhibition curated by NGMA Bengaluru is currently on in the city

By Shraddha Nair

'through the window: JS Khanderao retrospective' an exhibition curated by NGMA Bengaluru
The exhibition showcases around two hundred artworks of JS Khanderao which includes drawings, portraits, landscapes, abstracts, and folk. This exhibition explores the practice of Khanderao for more than four decades as a painter and also exposes his remarkable contribution to the art field as a tutor, founder of an art institute 'The Ideal Fine Art Society' established in 1963 in Gulbarga which is of great significance.

Born in 1940 in Gulbarga, Khanderao graduated from the JJ School of Art in Mumbai. Highly regarded for his realistic portrait paintings and landscapes, and as an accomplished painter of evocative portraits and atmospheric landscapes, the retrospective offers a glimpse into his journey. 

Khanderao's artistic quest leads him to abstraction as well. He looks at nature and his immediate surroundings through the lens of abstraction, with a careful construction of his canvases. His abstract paintings link his trajectory from Gulbarga to “Bombay”- Nutan Kala Mandir and the J.J.School of Art _one of the premier art schools established in the colonial era, this art school became a benchmark for artists from outside the state. The vast oeuvre of Khanderao's includes figuration influenced by the unique folk traditions of North Karnataka capturing the performative situations of the folks who are represented in abstract planes of colours.

Being a native of Karnataka, Khanderao spent much of his life documenting the land and culture that he experienced first-hand. His visual renditions of the traditional folk practices are a treat for the eyes. A personal favourite was his depiction of the Chowdamman Kunita ritual. He has also brought plain canvas to life with the unique landscapes of Badami, Pattadakal, Surpur & Hampi – portraying the stunning styles of ancient temples.

'through the window: JS Khanderao retrospective' an exhibition curated by NGMA Bengaluru
Also on display is the series ‘Windows’, a sequence of paintings inspired by the way light escapes through glass panes. It is arguably his most highly regarded work. When asked about the conception of this series he says, “There was an annual Karnataka exhibition and I needed to create some new work for it. While in Gulbarga, I noticed the beauty of broken windows and imagined it and rendered in paint. I received the Lalit Kala award for this painting in 1982… This painting impressed many people during the exhibition. It was the first of the series ‘Windows’ and it was the Governor of Karnataka that encouraged me to take this further”. “Broken Glass” from the same series stands out for its brilliance. There is a tactility to this piece which draws you in, visceral and enchanting at the same time. 
'through the window: JS Khanderao retrospective' an exhibition curated by NGMA Bengaluru
The unexpected takeaway from the show was his series of portraits, dating circa 1985 to 2006, which showcases his incredible understanding of light and dark components of each and every pigment that touched his canvas. Khanderao explains,“I experimented a lot with colours and would make many pieces. I didn’t want other people’s influence or similarity to other artists’ works in my own art. It should be unique and individualistic”.
The exhibition will be on view till 30th December 2018, daily from 11.00 am to 6.30 pm (Mondays and National Holidays closed)

Update: The exhibition is extended to Jan 20, 2019

Images: Courtesy NGMA


About: Shraddha Nair is a recent design school graduate with a fondness for art, art history and is a believer in the potential of art as a community influencer. 

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17 Aug 2017

In Silence the Secret Speaks by Seema Kohli

The Golden Web
Anjana Chandak

Anjana Chandak responds evocatively to the narrative performance by artist Seema Kohli, held recently at the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) Bengaluru.

Poetry is not when you find a word rhyming with a word but poetry is created when you can find a word rhyming exactly with your feeling…And this is what artist Seema Kohli, who donned the cap of poetess made me feel, performing her poetic narration, ‘In Silence the Secret Speaks...’

The mirror pool at the NGMA provided the perfect womb to nurture the spirit of the artist who merged with the art through her own reflection. She transcended her paintings into verbal form through her palette of myriad emotions, painting it line by line; creating and narrating.
In Silence the Secret Speaks by Seema Kohli, narrative performance, Bangalore, writer Anjana Chandak for Art Scene India, Images courtesy writer

22 May 2017

Bangalore: MAY 2017 Screening of Films at NGMA

(Ministry of Culture, Government of India)

in collaboration with

Bangalore Film Society

invites you for

Journeying through life & relationships in 
the passage of time

MAY 2017 screening of films 

All the films will start @5 pmEntry is Free on first come first serve basis. All are invited!

In the month of May we return to a series of films by auteur directors like Akira Kurosowa, Andrei Tarkovsky, Jim Jarmusch, David Lynch and Asghar Farhadi. These seminal films are philosophical deliberations on living and dying, journeys made through life, relationships formed and the passing of time. 

Akira Kurosawa’s 1952 film Ikiru (can be translated ‘to Live’) deals with a dying man and his final desperate quest for meaning. In Stalker, Andrei Tarkovsky (1979) explores existential desires and meaning. What makes life worth living? What is reality, and how does one define it? Even today we are unraveling the layers of a complex cinematic experience like Stalker but Tarkovsky often insisted that his films held no coded messages, rather they were visual poetry which strove to convey emotion rather than meaning. David Lynch’s The Straight Story from 1999 is a classic American Road Movie, based on a true story of Alvin Straight’s 240 mile journey on a lawn mower to meet his estranged invalid brother.  The film is a beautiful, understated search for self and examination of mortality. Jim Jarmusch’s Broken Flowers (2005) is a comedy-drama film that explores the alienation and desperation that comes as a result of not making any choices in an absurd existence. The movie stars Bill Murray as a man on a road trip, searching for the mother of a son he may have fathered. And finally a 2009 film by Asghar Farhadi titled About Elly, a curious psychological drama through a fascinating interplay of personal and social relationships amongst a group of middle class Iranian friends on a vacation.
Tuesday 23rd May 2017
Ikiru (Akira Kurosawa, 1952)  2 hours 23 minutes
Wednesday 24th May 2017
Stalker (Andrei Tarkovsky, 1979) 2 hours 43 minutes
Thursday 25th May 2017
The Straight Story (David Lynch, 1999) 1 hour 52 minutes
Friday 26th May 2017
Broken Flowers (Jim Jarmusch, 2005) 1 hour 46 minutes
Saturday 27th May 2017
About Elly (Asghar Farhadi, 2009) 1 hour 59 minutes

12 Jan 2016

Art News: Art Scene India Recommends

Art Scene India Recommends: 

With so many art events happening, it can be a challenge to decide which exhibitions and events to visit, so I've handpicked a few for you - across India. I hope to add more cities and towns soon. Do visit those in your vicinity and let me know your views. Which ones resonated with you? Drop me a line here. I look forward to hearing from you.


NGMA Bengaluru, in collaboration with The Guild Art Gallery presents the exhibition "And the last shall be the first: G.R. Iranna Works 1995-2015", curated by Ranjit Hoskote, on view from 16th Jan - 16th Feb, 2016.
Art News, G.R. Iranna Works 1995-2015, NGMA Bangalore, Art Scene India Recommends

12th Annual Show at Galerie Sara Arakkal 

Show extended till January 30, 2016
Timing: 10am to 6pm on all working days

Art News, 12th Annual Show at Galerie Sara Arakkal, Art Scene India Recommends


Tabiyat: Medicine and Healing in India

January 12 to March 28, 2016 | CSMVS, Mumbai

Medicine Corner’s centrepiece is an exhibition titled ‘Tabiyat: Medicine and Healing in India’, which examines the history and contemporary practice of sustaining human health in one of the world’s great civilisations. From January 12 to March 28, 2016, CSMVS, hosts dazzling antiquities and contemporary material culture assembled by Wellcome Collection, one of London’s most exciting new cultural spaces. Exhibits include the only known historical illustration of the interior of the human body as understood in Ayurveda. None of the antiquities have been exhibited before in their land of origin. The exhibition also features modern vernacular art in an aesthetically seductive, intellectually rich mix of art, science, history and the ordinary made extraordinary.

Art News, Tabiyat: Medicine and Healing in India, Mumbai, Art Scene India Recommends


‘The Piercing needle’ by Gopika Nath 

Gallery Sanskriti, Kolkata,
from 6th Jan to 6th Feb, 2016

Art News, ‘The Piercing needle’ by Gopika Nath at  Gallery Sanskriti, Kolkata, Art Scene India Recommends

About the Exhibition:

In ‘The Piercing needle’, Gopika Nath presents herself as an artist-craftsperson. A predominant image in much of her work is the teacup. Peering into her cup emptied of garam masala chai revealed over time an appreciation for the quotidian beauty of residue. Her meditation on these marks and stains from tea serve as a catalyst for introspective enquires as well as initiating new methods of staining and burning to translate the effects onto fabric. While discomforting experiences are recalled and examined, threads are unravelled and surfaces scorched, burning through and beyond the heart of the matter at hand.

Using embroidery as an artistic marker, with the needle as a natural substitute for a pencil or a brush, Gopika forges a link with the age-old traditions of hand-crafting in India, to see the work of the hand as part of human creative expression and by extension - a process of discovery of who we are. She uses the language of embroidery with stitch as a spiritual metaphor, where working with needle and thread becomes therapeutic and cathartic – a healer and balancer. Even though Gopika is an artist that embroiders, rather than paints, she adeptly imbues her work with the same aesthetics as found in fine art painting – the same finesse, sensibility, and aesthetic of understanding between hand and canvas, between mind and image, and between perspective and result.

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28 Mar 2014

Art Buzz: Exhibition "Amrita Sher-Gil" at NGMA Bangalore

NGMA Bengaluru is happy to announce the inauguration of a prestigious Exhibition titled "Amrita Sher-Gil: The Passionate Quest" Curated by Yashodhara Dalmia, on Sunday, 30th March 2014 at 5.00 pm. The exhibition will be on view till 30th April 2014.

In conjunction with the above exhibition, NGMA has also organised a curatorial talk titled "Amrita Sher-Gil: Life in Art" by Yashodhara Dalmia, Curator of the exhibition, on Tuesday, 1st April 2014 at 6.00 pm. (Text and images courtesy NGMA Bangalore)

 Exhibition "Amrita Sher-Gil" at NGMA Bangalore, image courtesy NGMA Bangalore

 Exhibition "Amrita Sher-Gil" at NGMA Bangalore, image courtesy NGMA Bangalore

14 Feb 2014

FILM FESTIVAL: 'Great Artists Biography' at NGMA, Bangalore

NGMA Bengaluru announces the 3rd series of its FILM FESTIVAL 'Great Artists Biography' on El Greco, Giotto Di Bondone, Turner and Vincent Van Gogh at NGMA auditorium on Saturday, 15th February 2014 at 3.00 pm and Sunday, 16th February 2014 at 11.00 a.m.

Admission is free on first come first serve basis.

All are welcome.

30 Jan 2014

Art Buzz: V Ramesh at NGMA Bangalore

"Remembrances of Voices Past" opens at NGMA Bengaluru on Wednesday, 5th February 2014 at 5.00 pm. The exhibition will be on view till 25th March 2014.

V Ramesh at NGMA Bangalore, Image courtesy NGMA

12 Dec 2013

Hungarian Art Exhibition 'From Organic to Light Art' at NGMA Bengaluru

NGMA Bengaluru, in collaboration with the Balassi Institute - Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre, is pleased to announce the inauguration of the exhibition titled 'FROM ORGANIC FORMS TO LIGHT ART - Selection from the Contemporary Hungarian Art' at NGMA Bengaluru on Tuesday, 17th December 2013 at 7.00 pm. The exhibition will be on view till 12th January 2014.

Hungarian Art Exhibition NGMA Bengaluru

28 Aug 2013

Namma ooru - Namma neeru at the 8th Voices from the Waters International Travelling Film Festival 2013

I found the following press release on Namma ooru - Namma neeru at the 8th Voices from the Waters International Travelling Film Festival 2013, Bangalore interesting, do take a look. 

Namma ooru - Namma neeru will be launched at the 8th Voices from the Waters International Travelling Film Festival 2013 from August 29 to September 1, 2013. In its continuing engagement with urban and civic issues, the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan has joined hands with Voices from the Waters, initiated by Bangalore Film Society in 2005 and is the first and still the most significant film festival worldwide devoted exclusively to the issue of water. The programme aims to bring together grass-root level water activists, environmentalists, scientists, policy makers, film-makers, lecturers, scholars, artists, working professionals from all walks of life to engage in a process of learning and debate on various water issues from around the world.

"This unique Festival, the first in the world and still one of a very few dedicated entirely to the theme of water, plays a vital role in creating awareness, inviting commitment and igniting action on crucial problems," says Georgekutty A.L., Festival Director. This year the Festival, which is supported by a host of academic and socio-cultural organisations, deeply concerned about our depleting potable water resources and searching for ways to replenish it, will include not only documentary film screenings, but also keynote speeches, panel discussions, presentations, interactions, a photo exhibition, activities and projects by and for children and a concert.

"From hundreds of lakes to just a few - Bangalore's water bodies are in dire straits. We would like to do our bit to restore the lost lakes. We are participating in Voices from the Waters with a series of events under the banner: Namma ooru - Namma neeru, in a bid to bring together several voices in one loud shout out for water," explains Christoph Bertrams, commenting on the role of the Goethe-Institut in the Festival.

Voices from the Waters will be inaugurated by Rajendra Singh popularly known as 'Jal Purush' or 'Waterman' of Rajasthan and Himanshu Thakkar, water activist, currently coordinator of South Asia Network on Dams, Rivers & People and editor of "Dams, Rivers & People", on Thursday August 29, 2013, at 5.00 p.m. at NGMA Bangalore.

Highlights of Namma ooru - Namma neeru

  •  Film screenings on August 30 and 31, 2013. 26 thought-provoking documentary films on water from around the world; special package to create awareness among children from 2.00 p.m. on August 31; Open Wells by C. F. John, Tripura Kashyap and Azis T.M. in the presence of the Director

  • Keynote Lecture/Exhibition Inauguration on August 30, 6.30 p.m. with Rohini Nilekani, Founder, Arghyam and Himanshu Thakkar

  • Inauguration of Photo Exhibition: Namma ooru - Namma neeru
    City-based water researcher and writer S. Vishwanath and documentary photographer Vivek Muthuramalingam curate a photo exhibition at the Goethe gallery. The focus this year is the symbiotic relationship between lakes and open wells in and around Bangalore. 10 motivated   photographers have created new visual content in the shape of a photo-essay.

Text & image by Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan